Zumba Kids

It’s official….the Zumba craze has taken over thousands of gyms across the country. But did you know that there are now Zumba classes for your kiddos? Yep, that’s right. Get ready to shake it, kiddos!

Zumba is known for its mix of high and low intensity movements that yield a calorie burning (read ENERGY expending for the little ones) dance fitness party that takes the “work” out of “workout.” And no matter what your age, it yields a sense of accomplishment and plain old fun once class is over.


Zumba Options for Kids

There are three types of Zumba classes for the little ones: Zumbini (from babies up through 3 along with a care giver), Zumba Kids Junior (ages 4-6) and Z Kids (ages 7-11).

They are great classes not just because they get kids up and moving instead of sitting behind screens, but they also introduce kids to international cultures through dancing and music.

The Zumba kids programs aren’t just all about dance, however. There is a built in learning portion of each and every class where the instructor leads a discussion about the origin of the music used in the class, the instruments that are used….even the type of clothes one would wear in the native country.


With the Zumba Kids Junior classes, there is more of an emphasis on crafts since the kiddos like to take a break from all of the dancing and do something with their hands that they can take home.

Since the members of the Zumbini classes are so young, there is a “Zumbini Bundle” consisting of a music CD and storybook to extend learning outside of class to reinforce the learning fun that occurs with a care giver in the class.

Zumba as a Learning Medium

My cousin Rene’ teaches all sorts of Zumba classes and specializes in the Zumba Kids program. With a background in education, she places an emphasis on using Zumba as a learning medium and strategically plans her lessons so that her students learn not just about the dances, but also the culture of different countries.


For example, while studying the culture of Colombia, Rene’ and her students danced with scarves to mimic the long, flowing dresses that are worn in Colombia, made Colombian flags, constructed necklaces composed of the Colombian flag colors, learned some basic Spanish terms, and drew outlines of the country, labeling the capital and other important places.

Typical Class Structure

  • Warm up of two songs
  • One structured dance that they already know (for those enrolled in continuous classes) or one that is super simple to follow
  • Lesson discussion followed by the rhythm and then either a craft or activity from that area
  • Free dance or dance games (instruments for younger kids and rhythm sticks dance for older kids, for example)
  • Cool down of two songs

An entire class from start to finish is 45 minutes and goes non stop so it is a great workout for the kids, as well as the instructor.

Where to Find a Zumba Kids Class

There is an extremely helpful search engine on the Zumba site to help you search for the class nearest to you. Locally, my cousin teaches at her local Park District (Forest Park) and also a Lifetime Fitness gym.

I am hoping to attend a Zumba class without the kids soon so I can have just as much fun as they are….and hopefully shed some winter weight while I am at it.

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Happy Sweating!



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  1. Briton says

    I have taken a few Zumba classes and they are SO fun! I haven’t taken my kids to any but I’m sure they would have a blast. I think it’s great that your cousin teaches the kids more about the Latin culture during their classes. I bet the kids love it!

    • amandasimkin says

      Since she is a former teacher I think she just can’t help to make everything as educational as possible. One of the things I love most about her!

  2. Terri Ramsey Beavers says

    I would really love to get the kids involved in Zumba. My nephews wife started going to Zumba classes and I’ve been wanting to start myself since seeing how wonderfully she is trimming up. Getting the kids involved with me would be the perfect solution.

  3. Liz Leiro says

    I had no idea that there were Zumba classes for kids! My in-laws love to go to Zumba. They’re both excellent dancers (my mother-in-law was semi-pro!). I’ve always been intimidated because I’m mega uncoordinated, but maybe in the (distant) future when I have kids I’d be willing to give this a try.

    • amandasimkin says

      My cousin who is an instructor told me to take a swig of wine before class to loosen up since I have two left feet! 😉

  4. Vera Sweeney says

    I had never thought about getting the kids involved with Zumba!! Such a great way to get them active and to stay healthy!! I bet mine would have a blast doing it since they love to dance!

  5. Christy says

    Over the years Zumba has helped keep me in shape and toned. I am thrilled to know that they offer this for kids. My oldest is trying to become a couch potato and I am trying to curb that behavior. I will definitely look out for this in my area.

  6. Hezzi-D says

    Getting kids to exercise is so important! I love Zumba and go twice a week and I think kids enjoy it too. We did Zumba with them for a reward at school one time and they were dancing up a storm. I like that the kids Zumba class includes lessons and crafts as well.

  7. Nancy says

    Anything that gets kids, or adults moving – I say, go for it. Getting daily exercise is super key for healthy living. If only I took my own advice. Here I am reading blogs after eating a chocolate bar haha. Whoops.

  8. Adrienne says

    Zumba for kids is such a neat idea! I’ve heard of yoga for kids, but I like that this will teach the kids rhythm and coordination , while keeping them active. I like adult Zumba a lot. It doesn’t seem like it would be an intense workout, but I usually leave the class wiped out. Such a fun way to exercise!

    • amandasimkin says

      My cousin had four kids and is such a skinny minny so obviously Zumba is a great workout–and stress reliever!

  9. Rally L.C. says

    I am absolutely loving to go to a ZUMBA class, because after I’m done with it I feel so energised and happy (and it was not my dark chocolate bar who made me feel that way). If I had kids I would definitely take them to some ZUMBA classes, it is so much fun, not to mention that I have met a couple of my good friends there.

  10. Krystal says

    I need to get back into zumba. I’m not going to lie – I totally wanted to be an instructor one day! I thought it was going to be the solution to my weight issues. I need to just jump back in full force, and it’s so awesome that I can involve my child in it too since zumba kids exists! This is so awesome!

  11. Rene' Collins-Maragh says


    I lost over 70lbs doing Zumba, part of which was lost after becoming an instructor. If you love to dance and are interested in fitness, DO IT! It will definitely help you reach your fitness goals and, not to mention, being an instructor is AMAZING! The participants, the instructors network, all of it, is incredible and welcoming!

    When I started this journey 2 years ago, never in a million years did I think Zumba would end up becoming such an important part of my life. What started as a hobby/way to get fit, has spearheaded itself into an amazing career, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE every minute of it.

    Currently, I’m one week off of a broken foot (my Samba was a little too enthusiastic….complete truth LOL), and I’m beginning my fitness journey, once more—not quite all the way from the beginning, but from a noticeable difference. 5.5 weeks of not teaching, down from teaching 11 classes a week, did not bode well for my body. As of last week though, I’m back to shaking it and I’m looking forward to reaching my fitness goals once again 🙂

    If you’re passionate about Zumba, take your B1—you will love it!!!


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