Winter Survival Kit for Moms

I miss the sun. Seriously. Day after day of gloom and doom is finally taking its toll and make me fantasize about moving to Florida. And since taking a trip to the tropics isn’t in the cards for us right now, I’ve been looking for ways to keep me sane during this looooooong winter. Thankfully I have found some gems, from beautiful spots for indoor play to heartwarming recipes and cozy sweaters that make the winter forecast a bit more bearable. I’m happy to share my winter survival kit for moms so that you, too, can find the silver lining in this endless winter season.

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Cold weather calls for coffee. Who am I kidding…all weather calls for coffee. We do have kids after all. Whether you pick it up from your favorite spot (Around Café and Heritage Bicycles are my favorite spots for lavender lattes) or brew it at home, coffee is a warm and affordable winter escape. And it’s even better when you drink it out of an adorable mug like these.


Just because it’s cold and miserable out doesn’t mean that you have to look cold and miserable, does it? My winter uniform is filled with soft and cozy sweaters and leggings from stores like SheIn and Mod Cloth that tend to hide the unflattering parts of my mom bod…as well as all of the dirty and sticky fingers that coil around my legs each and every day. And when I use Le Tote, I am able to get tons of new cozy clothes and accessories each month and I don’t even have to wash them…I just send them back and get something new!


Another must have for moms this winter? An arsenal of activities for when you are stuck at home thanks to snow, cold, sickness…or your desire to stay in your pajamas all day. Although I have a pretty big Pinterest page, I am far from being Pinterest perfect. You too? Then here are my favorite low prep activities for cute and easy winter crafts, sensory play, and screen free activities.


Blow through your list of activities and stumped on what to do next? Try three simple letters…YES. I feel like one of the reasons why winter days drag is because I am constantly telling my kids no. So when I feel like I am on the verge of losing my mind, I try a little bit of YES. Not only are my kids pleasantly surprised and oh so excited that Mommy finally said yes to something, but I also join in on the fun and it does wonders for all of us.


And let’s not forget that sometimes you need to switch from coffee to something…stronger. I know moms tend to be fans of wine, but don’t you feel a bit more special when you are sipping on a specialty cocktail? If you are expecting or nursing, don’t feel left out…here are some tasty virgin variations.


Finally, don’t forget that each and every mom needs a squad to get her through those days when you are constantly stepping on Legos and the baby falls asleep in the car as you are pulling into the driveway (and don’t you DARE tell me that hasn’t happened to you!). Need some tips on how to find your mommy match? Here’s how I met one of mine!


Here’s to surviving the winter!
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  1. My Teen Guide says

    The items are really cool. I really love the outfit, they all look comfortable. Doing activities while stuck at home is fun!

  2. uprunforlife says

    I love wearing comfy pj bottoms and t-shirts around the house.

    We have had some illnesses in our home the last several weeks and it is getting old already. I started using some essential oils to help clean the air inside our home. Plus, we have an air purifier with UV too.

  3. Deborah Cruz says

    It’s amazing how far a little yes can go when everyone has cabin fever. I found out pretty quickly when my girls were toddlers that sometimes it’s easier just to give yourself over to the chaos. Perfection is just not feasible when you have small children. All that being said, I LOVE the Mr. Tea tea pot.

  4. sara says

    Surviving the winter with young kids is no joke! I remember those days very well. I love this list you put together. Spring is coming very soon, you’ve got this!

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