Winter Essentials for Chicagoans

Winter is just about the longest season in Chicago (I mean, I have WAY too many memories of Easter egg hunts in the snow), but there are ways to make it bearable (other than booking a vacation, that is). Stock up on these winter essentials and I guarantee that you will find yourself admiring the beauty of our ice covered city…or at least you will stop looking at Arizona real estate listings.

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Winter Essential #1—Boots

As all Chicagoans know, the only way to get around in the winter is in boots (and I’m not talking about those cute little booties that West Coast Instagrammers wear). Uggs are out of style (sorry, not sorry) and don’t hold up to the Chicago elements either. So what do I recommend? Kamik boots.


My family and I have been rocking Kamik boots for years due to their great quality, high style, and affordable price point. So whether you are looking for a traditional snow boot for dog walking or a more on trend style, Kamik has it.


Winter Essential #2—Hats

I know, I know…nobody likes hat hair. But then again, I also don’t know anyone who enjoys being cold. Thankfully, there are tons of different hat styles to choose from, whether you prefer a sporty or more traditional look. Since winter depresses me (if you struggle too, here are some ways to fight the winter blues), I try to find the happiest and brightest hats to put a smile on my face on even the darkest of winter days.


My go-to for the past two winters is this hat from Sh*t That I Knit because of its warmth, softness, style…and the detachable fur poof feature. Whatever style hat you choose, make sure that it doesn’t cover your field of vision when driving (ahem…ear flaps) and that the fabric is thick and soft (especially when choosing a hat for kids) because no one wants their already dry winter skin to itch. Other top picks include this Canada Goose Shearling hat and pom beanie.

Winter Essential #3—Coats

Has anyone else read the amazing article about how women need to embrace the long, dark puffy coat this winter? It’s amazing…and true! But if you are fighting the trend, spice it up a bit by choosing a bright or unique color instead of the common black or gray and select a more fitted or belted option.


And for those of you who absolutely REFUSE to wear a puffy coat (you are going to be COLD—I’m warning you!), be sure to choose thick coats that are long enough to reach your knee to keep you as protected from the elements as possible.


Winter Essential #4—Layers

As much as my kids fight me on it, I am a stickler for layers. I mean, you can always take something off or put something back on when you are exploring indoor play spaces and museums in between walking through Chicagoland’s frozen tundra.


Start with base layers. My typical winter uniform?

Wool socks



Sweater or fleece pullover 


-Statement earrings

Fitness tracking watch 


And let me be clear…plain old leggings are OUT and textured/colorful leggings are IN (especially when they have super SPANX powers like these). So even while you are comfy, you also look stylish and put together…MOM WIN.


There are also cute matching bundles to help you stay coordinated and cozy this winter, such as the beanie and hoodie options from Chicago Shirts. Use code CHIBERIA for 15% off your purchase.


So after you are done deciding what sparks joy in your closet and schlepping your discards to a local consignment store, stock your closet for winter with my cute, cozy and affordable picks.


Happy Winter!
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