Why You Need to Try Brick Loot

Love Legos but don’t want to shell out major money for complicated sets that will just end up covering your living room floor? Then do I have the solution for you: Brick Loot! Brick Loot is the creation of a young CEO, Parker Krex, based on his love of building and Legos. It is a subscription box service that delivers themed building kits every month so not only can you avoid spending way too much at the toy store, but also your kiddo (and let’s face it, you too) will have a special delivery to look forward to every month.

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What to Expect From Brick Loot

There are different subscription offerings (one month, three months, six months) for Brick Loot, with a reduced price when you commit to a longer subscription window. The themes for each box are published on the website, but the actual contents of each box are secret until your Brick Loot box arrives.


Each Brick Loot box contains a collection of Lego bricks, accessories, and mini figures, in addition to kits designed by Lego designers and some Brick Loot exclusives. Between 4-8 items are included in each shipment and are custom designed each month.

My family received the October “Monster Mash” box, which played upon the spooky time of year. Included in our box:


  • Spooky Manor (Brick Loot exclusive) with Green Ghoulish LED
  • Spooky Coffin (E-Blox)
  • Frankenstein art print
  • Monster Mash Brick Loot sticker
  • Lego Polybag 30355
  • Bones Lego mini figurine
  • Pumpkin Guts

My kids are 4 and 6 years old so they needed quite a bit of help from me in building the Spooky Manor, but they mastered the Spooky Coffin and Lego Polybag set without any assistance from me. It was unclear how the 4 wheeler vehicle matched up to the “Monster Mash” theme, but since my boys are v e r y into cars and trucks, they didn’t mind at all. The one thing I was surprised about was that they didn’t want to put the pumpkin guts on their bricks in fear of them getting too messy and ruined for future construction.

Out of everything in the “Monster Mash” box, the Bones Lego Mini figurine and the color changing E-Blox LED light were the biggest hits with my boys. They didn’t have much interest in the art print, unfortunately, but they used the stickers before opening up anything else in the box.


Why Brick Loot Makes a Great Gift


We have had our Brick Loot box of goodies open for about five days now and my boys are constantly taking apart and rebuilding the Lego bricks into their own creations. That means that I have had the chance to drink a full cup of coffee in peace without them begging me to help them with complicated instructions, which is something that frequently happened when we bought more traditional Lego sets from the store.

Another problem with the traditional Lego sets available in stores is that there isn’t much variety in the $20-$30 price range. My kids will beg me to get them the more creative and complicated sets, but I’m not willing to spend the extra money. That’s why I’m so glad that every month Brick Loot has new and custom boxes at an affordable price point.

Brick Loot isn’t just a great gift for your own kids…it is the perfect present for the students in your child’s class. I mean, when is the last weekend your family DIDN’T attend a birthday party??? You can gift just one box or a longer subscription, with opportunities to extend the subscription window for even a year if desired. Another option is to buy boxes in bulk and store them at your home until the next birthday party occurs. No matter what option you choose, Brick Loot does all the work for you and ensures that you have a great gift.

Happy Playing!
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  1. Alli Smith says

    My grandkids love Brick Loot! Their eyes lit up when they opened that box and it kept them entertained for a long while. It’s something they play with again and again. I love that a kid thought this whole thing up and is the CEO of his company. Awesome!

  2. Jeanette says

    My kid would be all over this! His fever thing right now is Legos and I know it would be fun for him to get a box of each month with a new set of Legos in it!

    • Amanda says

      Don’t kids just love when there is something fun in the mail for them instead of bills and weird things that their parents order?!?! 😉

  3. Pam Wattenbarger says

    My son would have loved the Brick Loot subscription box when he was younger. Legos were his favorite thing.

  4. Teresa says

    My daughters’ best friend is a total Lego nut fanatic – like an entire loft area FULL of a lego world!! I will have to let him know about Brick Loot and see if he can be swayed!!

    • Amanda says

      Since Brick Loot features Lego blocks and blocks compatible with Legos, I’m sure she would LOVE it. And it is the creation of a local Chicago kid, too!

  5. miranda says

    I love toys like these! they get the brain working. I genuinely believe this is where areas are developed because your problem solving! great for kids

    • Amanda says

      When I watch my kids building with Legos, I swear I can see the wheels in their brains churning. Such a great educational toy.

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