Where to Find the BEST Boys’ Clothes

This article goes out to my boy mom squad, because the struggle is REAL when finding stylish, affordable boys’ clothing that can stand up to their constant running, tackling, and basically non stop mess making. I swear finding a great pair of joggers for my boys that will last an entire season is almost as difficult walking through our playroom without stepping on a Lego…but I digress. After almost nine years as a boy mom through and through, I have found some amazing resources for finding high quality and stylish boys’ clothing that won’t totally break my budget. Even better? Since these brands are of such high quality, BOTH of my boys can wear the same outfit. It’s amazing.

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So first things first, let’s talk about the most efficient way to find great boys’ clothing. I’m sorry to say but it isn’t in stores. Why? Well, take a trip to your local clothing store and you will find that the girls’ clothing section basically SWALLOWS up the few racks of boys’ clothing. For real, though. The last time we went to the mall I found more tutus than shorts for boys. I mean COME ON. Your best bet is to pour yourself a glass of wine, get comfy on the couch, and shop online for boys’ clothing. Here’s where to find the BEST Boys’ Clothes:

Rockets of Awesome

Looking for one-of-a-kind clothing that other kids won’t be wearing to school? Than Rockets of Awesome is the resource for you. From denim for kids who hate denim to super soft fabrics and clothes designed for all day play (hello, reinforced knees!), Rockets of Awesome has everything you are looking for. Even better? You can subscribe and sign up for a box of eight different styles of handpicked clothing delivered to your door every season.


Sick of character clothing and looking for simple basics? Then check out Primary.com. If you are a minimalist family who prefers a capsule wardrobe, Primary has the staples that you are looking for. We especially love their pajamas and uniform options. USE CODE PRIMARYAMANDAS852FOR 25% OFF.

GAP Kids

Why has GAP Kids been a favorite spot for family clothing for so many years? Because of the classic style and quality. I mean, we have passed GAP sweatshirts down from one son to another, then to a nephew, and then to our next door neighbor. What other clothing brand can say THAT?!?! I especially love GAP for cold winter clothing since everything is so well made and can withstand our frigid Chicagoland weather.

Cat & Jack by Target

What’s so special about Target’s Cat and Jack kid clothing line? It’s whimsical and imaginative pieces showcase all different types of kids’ personalities AND each piece of clothing is guaranteed for one year with receipt! So stash an envelope in your desk drawer and fill it with your Cat & Jack by Target receipts so that you aren’t stuck repurchasing clothing when your kids destroy their pants, shirts, etc.

Tea Collection

Confession: For the longest time I thought that the Tea Collection only sold girls’ clothing. I mean, I always saw adorable little girls at the library or park sporting stylish Tea Collection outfits, but never boys. Well, now that I have discovered this gem I can’t stop oohing and aahing over their graphic tees and bold patterns. Tea Collection prides itself on bringing the beauty of international cultures and modern design to kids clothing and every single Tea purchase gives back to the Global Fund for Children. 

Janie and Jack

Finally, let’s talk “fancy” clothes that your kids will most likely fight you on wearing, no matter the special occasion or holiday. My boys are happiest in sweatpants and Cubs shirts, but they are so stinking cute when dolled up in corduroy and bow ties that my Christmas wish always involves them sporting adorable Janie and Jack styles. You can’t go wrong with timeless, nautical inspired outfits from Janie and Jack, whether you are picking up holiday sweaters or coordinating shirts and shorts sets for a family photo shoot. And don’t forget to scoop up one of their ADORABLE accessories

And now that you’ve gotten stuff for your boys, don’t forget to get a few things for yourself, too!

Happy Shopping!


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    • Amanda says

      They most definitely have fun senses of style. Except for when it comes to dress pants. They REFUSE to wear those. Ha!

    • Amanda says

      Thank goodness for online shopping because if we only had what was in stores it would be SLIM pickings for the boys!

  1. Louise says

    Oscar would love everything you’ve featured in this post! I tend to shop at the same few places for him, but I’m definitely going to check out some of these websites now 🙂

    Louise x

  2. Aria | Blogs by Aria says

    My son is almost 11 but I’ve found that for him Old Navy and The Children’s Place are my go to stores for him! I agree that girls clothes seem to get all of the space tho which I think is unfair.

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