What to Expect From the Salt Escape

It’s just about that time of year when I am simply OVER winter and am totally and utterly wiped out from cold and flu season. But instead of returning to the Caymans (darn budget is always holding me back!), I took a trip to a new and innovative place to relax and recharge—The Salt Escape. Honestly I wasn’t really sure what I was in for, but since I had a girlfriend who was up for an adventure we spent one wintry morning indulging in salt therapy we are both THRILLED that we did. Here’s what to expect from The Salt Escape.

What is the Salt Escape?

You know those oddly shaped buildings along 294 that are filled with salt for coating the highways during winter? Well, that’s the exact OPPOSITE of what The Salt Escape is like. Instead, picture a warm, tranquil environment that feels more like a spa than anything else. 

The Salt Room is an environment inspired by nature (if you close your eyes and listen to the music you feel like you are next to the ocean—minus the tropical drink) that provides tranquility and relaxation to revitalize your energy through Halo Therapy. Its dimmed lights and warm temperature creates the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation.

As you might have guessed, it is filled with salt—almost 30 TONS of it. The floor and walls are composed of Himalayan Salt bricks and there are crushed Pink Himalayan Salt pieces in certain areas that you can either sit in or walk on to enjoy its textured qualities.  

What is Halo Therapy?

Also known as Salt Therapy, Halo Therapy is a natural and holistic way to heal your body. It is similar to spending time in the salty sea air, with a 50-minute session equaling three full days by the sea.  Himalayan Salt particles completely saturate the air in the Salt Room, “helping you to clear pollens, viruses, toxins and other pollutants from the body” according to the Salt Escape website.

What is a Salt Escape session like?

session in the Salt Room is completely and utterly relaxing. Whether you choose to lay on the crushed Pink Hamalyan Salt under a warm blanket or recline in one of the many zero gravity chairs, you will undoubtedly become completely relaxed after the first fifteen minutes.

The lights are dimmed (you have to lock up your phone before you enter) and the only sound you hear is ocean waves (it is a non-talking environment). There are also noise cancelling headphones provided if you prefer. Guests are free to move around the room, and I recommend changing positions every 15 minutes so that you can take advantage of all the unique ways to interact with the salt.

The one thing to be mindful of is to get to your session EARLY because once the door closes for the hour-long session, it is not reopened in order for the negatively charged ionized salt to saturate the environment and wear light colored socks (shoes are not permitted in the Salt Room).

How did I feel during my Salt Escape session?

Relaxed, salty (I could taste it on my lips for hours afterward), and interested in trying it on a continuous basis to see if it helps with my winter blues. While sessions at The Salt Escape can be pricey, there are specials available. Finally, don’t leave without checking out their beautifully curated boutique, featuring many different wellness products.

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Happy Relaxing!


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