Ways to Refresh Your Patio

It seems like our six month long winter (I mean c’mon—didn’t it feel like it lasted FOREVER?!?!) is finally over. The bad news? Your outdoor space took a beating from the Polar Vortex. Whether it is because of cracked flower pots, chipped furniture, or a garden that looks just plain drab—it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are easy, budget-friendly ways to refresh your patio:

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Make Your Patio an Extension of Your Home 

The key to making an outdoor space inviting for nightly happy hours and barbecues with family and friends is to make your outdoor space feel like a part of your home. So extend your décor from INSIDE your home to OUTSIDE your home. I’m talking about area rugsthrow pillows,ottomans…anything to make it cozy.

Light It Up

Lights, whether through candlestorcheslanterns, or uber popular string lights, add so much ambiance to an outdoor space. So think of different lighting options for different needs. If kids will be running around playing after the sun goes down, be sure to have ample lighting for safety reasons like these pathway lights. Simply want to relax with a glass of wine after putting the kids to bed? Think soft and subtle lighting. Have romance on the brain? How about a stylish outdoor chandelier? Want something to use all year long? Check out unique stylish fire pits.

Stick to a Color Scheme 

When you stick to a more focused color palette, the entire space looks more cohesive. Whether you go with cushions and pillows that have embellishmentsflorals, or classic stripes, focus on only THREE colors and save the other colorful options for your garden’s plants and flowers.

There are so many great outdoor patio items, from quirky doormats to fun sun umbrellas and  stylish patio sets so it will be tempting to get a little of everything. Remember that consistency is key for a more pulled together look, and don’t hesitate to check out Target’s design inspiration to help you narrow down your choices.

Perfect Your Landscaping

I will be the first to admit that I do NOT have a green thumb. But after researching the sun patterns in your space, head to your local nursery (these are our favorite in Chicagoland) and ask for help looking for the perfect “full sun” or “part shade” plants to make your patio truly come alive. My favorite place to kick off Spring is Pasquesi Home and Gardens–check out my review to find out why!

Since I love a modern look, I stick to ferns and other green plants as my focal pieces. As for the window boxes that adorn my house, I stick to one color family so that my flower displays look as impressive as possible. Any my favorite tip? Plant a hanging basket in large planters for a truly show stopping presentation.


Now that your patio is complete, here are some recipes for the best grilled dishes and cocktails to enjoy in your new, fresh space!

Happy Spring!


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  1. Amber says

    OMg this winter was extra rough on patio! We brought a lot of it in the garage but the stuff we had to keep outside is all garbage. Having a great outdoor space is a must for me and I’m really wanting to do some cool lighting like those string lights.

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