Ways to Spice Up Spring Break

Oh, Spring Break. Is there any other time that can make you bummed out about having time off and staying at home? I mean, usually people LOVE taking a day off just so they can stay in pajamas and watch Netflix all day. But when it is over Spring Break? You spend more time ogling over people’s photos on social media than truly relaxing and unwinding on your own terms. But that stops NOW, people. Because there are so many fun ways to spice up Spring Break, even if you are staying in frigid Chicago while your friends frolic on tropical beaches…or if the gods have frowned upon you and you are stuck home with the flu.

A Day of Yes

If you ask my kids what word they hear me say most often, they will probably point out that word is “NO.” Yep, that’s right, I say no so much more than I say yes. And for good reason. I mean, my boys would probably beat each other to a pulp, destroy my house, and subsist on chocolate covered pretzels if I didn’t get in their way with chorus of “NO.”

So to spice things up a  bit and give my kids a thrill, I surprise them with “YES” days. Spaghetti for breakfast? Yes. Movie marathon? Yes. Set up a play date? Yes. Now I’ll admit that I don’t agree to crazy things on these “YES” days, but I have found that my kids are so pleasantly surprised to hear a stream of “YES” that their requests are never too off the wall. It is so fun to loosen up and say yes once in a while…all while saying “NO” to being the perfect mom…and to be honest, being a productive blogger.

Spice Up Meals

As many moms know, meals can become monotonous, especially when you have picky eaters at home. Looking for a way to spice things up that doesn’t involve jalapenos? Then try out a meal service such as Madison and Rayne and cook together, have an indoor picnic no matter the weather, eat dessert before your main entrée…the options are endless. And when you want to simply go out to eat on a random weeknight, check out this growing list of where kids eat free so you don’t feel guilty leaving the kitchen empty for the night.

Rest Your Head Somewhere Else

I know, I know…there’s no place like home (that’s where the comfy pillows are, after all). But there is definitely something exciting about having a sleepover somewhere else. You can book a luxurious and family friendly staycation at the Hotel Palomar if you are looking for a great hotel to enjoy while enjoying Chicago’s most popular sites and attractions, or simply get together with friends and have a family sleepover. I mean, how fun is it to have all of the kids camp out in one room while the adults stay up, enjoy some cocktails, play games, and have a fun and safe night in? If you are itching to get out of town, there are also some last minute road trips you can enjoy…or just ship the kids off to grandma and grandpa’s for the night!

Take a Hike

I know, I know…it is COLD in Chicago over Spring Break. But bundle up and head outdoors—you won’t regret it. Get some sunshine on your face, breathe in the fresh air and think about all of the fun you will have with your family and friends once the ground thaws. There are so many fun hiking trails to explore across Chicagoland, or you can go on a park crawl and build up your monkey bar endurance. But if the weather is truly horrible, take a “metaphorical hike” and explore a new neighborhood’s cafes, bookstores, play spaces…you get the drift.

Be Weird

Yes, you read that right…sometimes you just have to be weird. Whether it involves speaking in an accent, having random dance parties, or going out in super hero capes, be weird. I mean, wouldn’t you want to be the flamingo who stands out in a flock of pigeons??? And if you need some inspiration, head over to my Instagram stories to check out the crazy shenanigans my boys are up to.

Lastly, if you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate your Spring Break on a budget, I’ve got you covered!

Happy Spring Break!


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