Valentine’s Day Guide for Lazy Guys

So…um…guys? Valentine’s day is coming. In two days. And guess what? If you forget and don’t surprise your Valentine with something good, you will be getting a shoulder that is even colder than this frigid Chicago weather. And before you even try, there is NO WAY you can go the “I didn’t know what day it was” or “It’s just a stupid Hallmark holiday.” None. What to do? Check out my Valentine’s Day guide for Lazy Guys. Because…well…you need all the help you can get.

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First off, you need to think about your valentine and what her expectations might be for Valentine’s Day. I mean, before we had kids, I expected dinner at a nice steakhouse and maybe something in a package from Victoria’s Secret or my favorite jewelry store. Now that we have two boys, all I really want is to not have to worry about making dinner that night and to be able to sit and actually RELAX instead of tackling the dishes in the sink or doing the million other things that are expected of me. Just like you, her priorities can definitely shift and you need to be in tune to that. I mean, these are valentines that moms REALLY want to receive.


How will you know how she wants to spend Valentine’s Day? ASK HER.




You might be hesitant to ask her how she wants to spend Valentine’s Day if it is 11 p.m. on February 13th. I get it, really, I do. So what’s your back up option? Text her sister, best friend, mom squad, etc. and ask their opinion. Chances are that they love their friend/sister so much that they won’t tease you too much for dropping the ball.


If you are waiting ‘til the last second, chances are that you won’t be able to deliver flowers to her office…but that’s okay. Why? Because in my experience, those flowers are typically over priced and not too Instagram worthy. If you are local to Chicago, head over to some my favorite flower shops, FlowersFlowers in Evanston  or contact MJ Floral Design to have amazing small business owners help you pick out something special. Even the way they package the flowers is swoon worthy. If you aren’t local, then head over to Costco (yes, Costco) because they have some of the BEST flowers of fantastic quality at great price points. There might not be a wide variety of flowers, so when in doubt go with roses or tulips in all one color—they look more dramatic and impressive that way.

Valentine's Day Guide for Lazy Guys - Romantic Restaurants

Dinner Reservations

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t made dinner reservations by the time you are reading this article, you are screwed. So what to do? Carry out from one of your favorite restaurants or get in the kitchen yourself and have a cozy date night in. Adding table linens and candles is a great way to bring restaurant ambiance home.


Really want to take your valentine out for dinner? Then make reservations for the weekend AFTER Valentine’s Day (you can still save face, I promise) at some of the most romantic restaurants across Chicagoland. If you have a family, go the extra mile and actually book a babysitter AS WELL AS get things ready for when the babysitter comes (make dinner, write care taking notes, etc.). Simple things like this go a LONG way.



Date Ideas

Don’t want to simply settle for dinner and a movie? Good! Because there are so many fun and unique things that you can do together to celebrate your relationship. Here are my suggestions for the Ultimate Date Night, as well as ways to have a fun and memorable daytime date. Too overwhelmed with all of the options for a Valentine’s Day date? Then keep it simple. If you ask me, there is nothing better than a hike in nature (the Morton Arboretum has snow shoe rentals) or strolling through some of Chicagoland’s beautiful conservatories.

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I could bombard you with tons of affiliate links for cute and memorable Valentine’s Day gifts, but most likely you need something that you can get IMMEDIATELY. So, head to Target and track down these prime Valentine’s Day items:

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Valentine's Day Guide for Lazy Guys - Target Gifts

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Lastly…a very important message. Try your best to play it off like you were prepared. Your secret is safe with me.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Lisa Favre says

    Oh this would be perfect for my husband! lol! Not to say that he’s lazy or anything, but because well… he’s often short on ideas! I would love a daytime date with him.

  2. Heather says

    I’m glad I don’t have that dating pressure to get something anymore. My husband and I after 10 years of marriage are just fine doing nothing, but we are going to lunch tomorrow…so at least there’s that. 😉

  3. Emily says

    My husband is not “lazy” just needs a little shove to put in effort. We have been together 13 years, married for 10 and we have finally figured out how to work around birthday and valentines day. Flowers are always a hit for me, and I send him links to things I have been wanting for him to have and choose from when valentines day comes around. It has worked for us!

  4. Sara Welch says

    Thinking outside the box is always what I preferred from a guy. Flowers and chocolate were fine but if he took me to a picnic that cost him little to nothing, it would make me happier.

  5. Ana De- Jesus says

    To be honest I am a simple kind of girl, I don’t need flowers and jewellery to make me happy and like you said it is over priced. I would rather someone just take me out to dinner instead or like you said order from your favourite takeout and have a cozy night in. That sounds like a perfect night to me!

  6. Jilly Frances says

    We are going to Oven Grinders tomorrow. I hope that they are not that busy and that you had a Happy Valentines Day. It was a pretty nice day in Chicago today. I was happy to see a lot of snow melt. 🙂

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