Valentine’s Classroom Craft: Kindness Rocks

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A relatively made up holiday that leads to many girls (and some boys) being disappointed that they aren’t being showered in red and pink heart shaped confetti. It’s also a day when just about everyone should send their child to school with a Starbucks gift card…heck, you can even send in a bottle of wine for those amazing teachers who reign in classrooms full of boisterous, emotional students have too many hopes hanging on Valentine’s Day and take their stress out on one another through harsh words and actions. And this is WITHOUT the overload of sugar, heart shaped treats that we all enjoyed at our classroom Valentine’s Day parties before the fun police banned food from class parties. But let’s say that you are volunteering to help out in your child’s class this Valentine’s Day. How can you contribute to the fun instead of the stressful hype? Through an easy, positive Valentine’s Day Classroom Craft of Kindness Rocks, that will leave everyone feeling good.

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What are kindness rocks? Quite simply, they are rocks with kind words and images painted or drawn on them. They can be of any shape or size, and can be decorated in any way, as long as there is a positive theme to it (much to my boys’ chagrin, because all they wanted to do was paint fighting ninjas all over their rocks). And if the decorating isn’t fun enough, the placement of the rocks sure is. You see, after creating your uplifting and artistic rocks, you can hide them all over your school community so that others can discover uplifting messages of love and support all year round.

What do you need to create kindness rocks? Well…rocks…duh. And waterproof paint and paint brushes. Other than that, the sky is the limit. We decided to sprinkle some of our kindness rocks with glitter or used glitter paint on some (aka “the devil’s dandruff” if you ask my husband) but other than that our rocks were pretty basic with simple paint designs with some uplifting words. For a class party, I would give each student two rocks so that they have ample opportunity to be creative.

Stumped on what to include on your kindness rocks? Here are some prompts:




The Earth




…or you can check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and see all of the valentines that people who are much more creative than me thought of.

This set from Crayola has a ton of sponges and paint options so that you can make your rock look polished. Or if you are more comfortable painting something that is not “exact”, simply paint a pattern or something abstract. Once the first layer of paint dries, you can then top it with uplifting words and phrases. Need some inspiration? Simply open up a bag of those chalky conversation hearts and you are all set.


No matter how you decide to decorate your rocks, just keep asking yourself if the person who finds the rock would feel a message of kindness. If the answer is yes, then you are all set.

Here’s to having a happy, stress free classroom Valentine’s Day party…and hopefully a chocolate treat or bouquet of flowers to come home to (You can even forward this Valentine’s Day guide to your guy if he needs a bit of motivation to get moving.)

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Jeanette says

    I have seen a lot of these lately and I think it’s a cool idea! I think it is fun for the kids to do and this is fun for you to receive one of these rocks to. It shows how much you care for that person.

    • Amanda says

      I love how it teaches kids to think of positive messages to support one another. Definitely helps build a positive community.

  2. Alison Rost says

    I think this is a brilliant idea and I love the fact that it’s also about spreading kindness. I think we could use a little more of that in the world these days.

  3. Tomi C says

    I found some kindness rocks a few months ago and I was hooked. We were visiting a state park and came across a rock and then another one and then another one and that was all she wrote. We have been painting and hiding rocks ever since. It’s really nice to hide them and watch the excitement as others find them and it’s a craft anyone can do.

  4. Heather says

    That’s the only bad thing about Valentine’s day is all the sugar my kids consume surrounding the day. A kindness rock, I can totally get behind, or painting heart shaped rocks and giving them to friends seems a lot better!

  5. Emily says

    I have heard of the kindness rocks before, there was a park that hid a bunch and the kids loved finding them and then re-hiding them for others to find. I am loving the idea of giving them as gifts for Valentines day!

    • Amanda says

      I just love that the Kindness Rock campaign is gaining so much momentum and that kids love spreading kindness and love.

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