Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet

Out of all the gifts I have received for Mother’s Day, the absolute BEST ones were homemade. My boys would painstakingly draw, paint, and decorate some of the oddest creations in the world and they are my most treasured possessions. But now that they are older, they want to be able to create a more “polished” gift for the moms in their lives, so we came up with this fun, easy and budget friendly idea—an Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet. As long as you have some simple objects around the house like buttons and old egg cartons, you will be all set for Mother’s Day and any other day mama needs some beautiful flowers (spoiler alert—it’s more often than you think!).

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Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet Materials

Empty and clean cardboard egg carton

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Piece of tissue paper
  • Tape

Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet Instructions

With a parent’s guidance, use sharp scissors to cut out each individual egg holder. Once the egg holder is out, use the scissors to shape it into any floral design you want. Since flowers are wild and unique, there is no right or wrong shape. We made some of ours into jagged flowers, others into perfect round spheres, and we left others untouched since they looked pretty great after being cut out of the large egg carton.

Once all of your cutting is done, it is time to paint! Paint the flowers—both inside and outside—using any color or style you prefer. Let completely dry.

Once the paint is dry, it is time to add the pistil and stem. Poke a small hole in the center of the painted egg carton and stick the green pipe cleaner in it. Pull the pipe cleaner through and then lace a button through it. Once those steps are complete, slather the button with glue so that it is secured in the middle of each flower.

Be sure to press firmly onto the button so that the glue adheres to it and the pipe cleaner remains secure. Remember that the buttons  and even the colors of the stems don’t have to match—a wildflower look is perfectly acceptable for this Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet. Let the glue dry.

Once your flowers are assembled, take a piece of tissue paper and fold it in half diagonally. Place at least eight flowers in the middle of the tissue paper with the blooms sticking out and wrap up the tissue paper. Secure with tape and your Upcycled Mother’s Day Bouquet is complete!

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Happy Creating & Happy Mother’s Day!


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    • Amanda says

      I love their school crafts but with quarantine we won’t be getting any so I was glad to do this fun craft at home!

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