Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket

Let’s be honest: this Easter is going to be hard. HARD. We typically spend this joyous holiday with family, searching for colorful eggs and smashing confetti-filled ones over each other’s heads and enjoying a delicious meal together. This year is going to be particularly hard because it is my sister’s birthday and I hate missing out on an opportunity to remind her of how old she is and how young I am. So to make up for it I have planned the perfect Easter baskets for my boys—sports themed ones! With no big Easter gathering and now live sports to enjoy, I decided to fill the void with fun trinkets that fit each and every budget. Here’s how to create the Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket:

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First off, you need a great basket to start off your version of the Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket. Since I am the type of person who prefers to get multiple uses out of something, I tend to shy away from typical Easter baskets and instead use items such as cloth storage bins, baseball hats, gloves, sports duffle bags for the Easter basket and then fill those with festive goodies.

Once you have found a great, sports-related item to serve as your basket, think about different sized and different priced items to nestle inside of it. With the COVID 19 Pandemic going on right now, I know that many families’ budgets are thin so instead of including pricey items like jerseys I am instead including more affordable items that will also come in use while in quarantine, such as pajama pants, balls, magazines, Mad Libs, trading cards, etc. Here are my suggestions for the sports-lover in your house:

Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket—Baseball

Baseball Hat

Chicago Cubs Puzzle

Baseball Trading Cards

Batting Gloves

The Baseball Handbook for Kids

Big League Chew

Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket—Hockey

Hockey Pucks

Blackhawks Blanket

Hockey Trading Cards

Blackhawks t-shirt

Hockey: From then to WOW!” book

Blackhawks Checkers Game

Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket—Football


Chicago Bears hat

Football gloves

Football Trading Cards

“Quarterback Scramble” Graphic Novel

Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket—Soccer

Soccer ball

Soccer socks

Water bottle

Play Soccer Like a Pro” book

Ultimate Sports Themed Easter Basket—Basketball


Mini Basketball Hoop

Full Court Pressure” Graphic Novel

Chicago Bulls Pillow

Basketball cards

“Big Book of Who: Basketball”

If you have a Chicago sports lover on your hand, be sure to check out this gift guide for Chicago Sports Fans and don’t miss these tried-and-true Easter tips!

Happy Easter!


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