The Trunq App: The Modern Mom’s Digital Scrapbook

Confession time: I am a momarazzi. I simply can’t help but have my phone or camera out to capture life’s moments with my two crazy little boys. My husband might make fun of me and my kids tend to roll their eyes when Mommy says, “Just one more photo!” but I know the reason why I do it. Because I want these moments to last forever. Thankfully there is a new and free app, the Trunq app, that caters towards photo and video lovers like me and makes creating family digital scrapbooks effortless and fun.


This post is sponsored by Trunq. All opinions are my own.


Trunq is a unique and innovative way to put all of your photos, videos, and other digital files in one comprehensive place. So that means no more searching for that one perfect photo for your family holiday card (Is it on your phone? Your computer? The red flash drive with the white stripes? Who knows!)…all of your photos are conveniently located in one place. And since all of the photos, videos, and files are stored in “the cloud,” your phone storage won’t be affected. If that isn’t reason enough to download the Trunq app (I loathe getting that “storage warning” message every other day), I don’t know what is.


Using Trunq you can set up as many “trunqs” as you would like in order to organize your digital files. I suggest making one trunq for each family member so that each digital scrapbook can grow and evolve based on life’s twists and turns. You can even upload old photos and they will show up in the same place as current photos that you have recently snapped.  Thanks to the Trunq app, all of those memories will be housed in one organized place.  Family and friends can also add their own pictures, videos, and digital files to your “trunqs” as well, so that your loved ones can take part in building each digital scrapbook.

So many people nowadays are worried about privacy and information being stolen on the Internet. With the trunq app, you are able to avoid much of this stress because your private photos, videos and files are only shared with those who you choose to share with. I mean, do you really want the world to see that photo of your kid in the bubble bath? It might be an adorable picture, but it isn’t something you want strangers to see. You can even plan ahead and share messages in advance through messages called “Laters” in order to highlight a special day or event. I don’t think there is any grandparent who wouldn’t simply LOVE that unique feature!


And for all of you budding photographers out there, this app is one of the few ones out there that doesn’t compress your photos when saving them. Yes, that’s right, all of your digital files are saved in FULL RESOLUTION. You can add filters, icons, and other fun details that are popular on Instagram and Snapchat.


Be sure to download the FREE Trunq app on your iPhone or Android device so you can stop worrying about organizing your photos and start snapping instead!


Happy Creating!
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  1. Lisa Favre says

    Oh I didn’t realize that this existed but for someone who loves taking photos, this would be ideal! Love the fact that it’s a free app, on top of that.

  2. Cacinda says

    That is awesome, I will have to check it out! I am always taking photos (or so I am told) so this is perfect for me.

  3. Chrishelle Ebner says

    I really need to look into this. I am always running out of space on my phone for my photos. And I am the worst at putting photos different places and forgetting where I put them.

  4. Claudia Krusch says

    I need to check out this app. I have so many photos on my phone. I am always getting warnings about needing more space.

    • Amanda says

      It’s so much better than spending time printing out and arranging photos in a literal book. Who has time for that?!?! Not me!

    • Amanda says

      It’s a great way to share photos privately, which is especially important with all of the hackers out there.

  5. Ali Rost says

    I love the idea of a digital scrapbook. I’m forever taking photos and would love a place to organize them all!

  6. Adaleta says

    Now this I could really use, I think it is amazing how the files are kept at full size. That is so awesome!

  7. Marielle Altenor says

    LOL, I’m a momarazzi too! My son has to be bribed now for a picture! Sigh at least I have his little sister…for now. Trunq sounds like the app I need. I love taking pictures and noticed when I upload them on certain places, the quality isn’t so great.

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