Trick-Or-Treat Spider Web

While Covid has forced us to cancel vacations, birthday parties, and other fun celebrations, we REFUSE to let it stop one of our favorite days of the year—Halloween! My boys love decorating our house, coming up with fun costumes, and of course, trick-or-treating. There are no clear rules in our town regarding trick-or-treating on Halloween, so my family and I came up with a socially-distanced way to pass out goodies to kids in our neighborhood—a Trick or Treat Spider Web! It’s so easy to put together and is even a great option if you don’t want to leave a bowl out next year when (hopefully) things are back to normal. Here’s How to Make a Trick or Treat Spider Web.

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Setting up a Trick or Treat Spider Web is SO incredibly easy as long as you have a few important elements: a large spider web, clothespins, candy (duh) and posterboard for a sign.

Walmart has SO MANY outdoor web options, whether you choose a large web WITH a giant spider, V-shape web (like the one pictured), black OR white “flat” webs, even webs that glow in the dark!

The great thing about investing in a cool spider web is that you can continue to use it year after year, even if we don’t have to social distance for future Halloweens.

Simple clothespins are also necessary to attach the treats to the web—you can choose to go with traditional wooden ones or colorful clothespins, too!

For treats, we like to provide a wide array of options to accommodate kids who have food sensitivities. Zee Zee’s snacks are always a hit because of their whole-grain and nut free products (their honey roasted sunflower seeds are AMAZING) in addition to classic favorites like Swedish Fish and M&Ms.

Finally, you need a large poster board to tell trick-or-treaters where to go to enjoy some goodies. We made a huge sign with some paint and leftover cardboard, but the options are endless.

You can also add lights to your web and sign so that visitors can see when they come to your house for trick-or-treating. We will be covering our web in these colorful Halloween lights once it gets closer to the big day.


Once you have installed your web, attach individual treats to it using clothespins. To ensure safety, wash your hands before and after handling any snacks and spread each piece out on the web so that trick-or-treaters can socially distance correctly.

Replenish the treats if you see it is getting low, but other than that you are done! How easy was that?!?!

For more Halloween-themed fun, check out this massive list of spooky ideas for things to do at home or around Chicagoland.

Enjoy Trick-Or-Treating!


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