Tips for Von Bergen’s Sunflower Maze

While we haven’t been able to head to our favorite places this summer due to the global pandemic, we are still discovering new fun spots that are safe to explore. Our newest discovery? Von Bergen Country Market’s STUNNING Sunflower Maze. Act fast because almost 100% of the sunflowers are in bloom (it was less so for us when we visited on Friday but still absolutely gorgeous) for about two weeks and ready to welcome you on a socially-distanced adventure. Here are some Must Read Tips for Visiting Von Bergen’s Sunflower Maze:

Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Path

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Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Maze

Planning For Your Sunflower Maze Visit

  • Pack a mask and be prepared to social distance! While the Von Bergen’s Sunflower Maze may be spacious, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be times when you cross paths with other visitors. So have a mask ready for any chance encounters, including when paying your admission and visiting the Von Bergen’s Country Market.
  • Don’t forget to social distance! A brief refresher with kids before you get out of the car is great, especially since they might be tempted to get close to other kids in the play area or while exploring the sunflower maze.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Climb
  • Wear comfortable, no frills shoes—especially if you visit after a rain. While heels might look good in photos, leave them at home and opt for basic flats or sandals instead. You’ll thank me, I promise.
  • Want to avoid crowds? Visit on a weekday. The Von Bergen Sunflower Maze is open daily from 9-8 when the sunflowers are blooming, so you can easily work around your work/nap schedules.
  • Remember that you are exploring farm land in the summer—bug spray and sunscreen are essential.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Photo Opp
  • Von Bergen’s Country Market welcomes photographers that want to set up photo shoots with clients—contact them via email or phone to learn more.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Family Fun

Sunflower Maze Etiquette

  • As with anywhere else, keep six feet away from others. If you can’t maintain that amount of space, cover your face with a mask. There are ample hand sanitizer stations set up around the farm but you can bring your own as well.
  • Don’t pick the flowers! You can purchase some from the Country Market instead.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Blooms
  • The sunflower field is so gorgeous because of the hardworking bees—they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.
  • Use the fun photo props like giant chairs, trucks, and elevated stands throughout the fields to see the sunflowers in a new way.
  • Remind kids to walk, not run, since the ground is uneven and social distancing needs to be maintained.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Field Selfie

Taking the Best Sunflower Field Photos

  • Visiting during the early morning is a great option because the all of the sunflower blooms face East and will be stretching into the sunshine. It can be a bit tricky taking photos of the sunflowers in the evening when the sun is behind them, but with a few filters you can take advantage of the beautiful “golden hour.”
  • Pack a selfie stick for EPIC photos that make you look like you are truly hidden in a maze of thousands of sunflowers.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Photo Prop
  • Wear simple colors and no-frills outfits for your photos so that the sunflowers truly stand out and are the stars of the show.
  • Purchase a $2 sunflower bloom from the Country Market as a fun photo prop or enter the sunflower field at sparse points to make it look like you are truly frolicking amongst the sunflowers.
Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze - Play Farm

After your visit to the Von Bergen Sunflower Maze be sure to stop by the Country Market for some refreshments as well as peruse their unique goods. Kids will also enjoy exploring the play area that includes slides, basketball hoops, tire races, and a petting zoo. At $5 a person (free for kids 3 and under), it is a budget-friendly way to go on a socially distanced adventure.

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Tips for Visiting Von Bergen's Sunflower Maze

Enjoy the sun flowers!


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    • Amanda says

      Same here. My kids were in awe when they saw the sunflower maze and told me that I needed to step up my gardening game. HA!

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