Tips for a Socially Distanced Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July is BIG in our family. Not only is it because it is the first time all summer that our family and friends together for a delicious bbq, but also because it is our oldest son’s birthday. So in an effort to still find some positives this summer and fulfill at least some of our son’s birthday requests, we have spent a TON of time putting together these Tips for a Socially Distanced Fourth of July Party that respects is still a ton of fun.

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Rock the Red, White, and Blue

First off, it isn’t really a party until you get ALL DECKED OUT. So break out all of the red, white and blue you have in the house to make it as festive as possible. Here are some of our top picks of patriotic looks for the entire family, and don’t forget to stock up on silly accessories such as headbands, glasses, necklaces, and other decorations that will make your Fourth of July party at home as colorful as possible.

Showcase Stars and Stripes

One of the perks of quarantine is that I have had a LOT of practice decorating my car with signs, banners, and balloons thanks to a plethora of birthday car parades. So I took what I have learned to create a patriotic balloon garland using simple supplies such as solid colored balloons, string, and some festive decorations left over from past Fourth of July celebrations. Budget friendly with a bang if you ask me!

DIY Patriotic Balloon Garland



First, ensure that your twine (holds up to outdoor use much better than string!)  is long enough to cover the space you want to adorn. Triple knot the twine at one end, leaving about about a foot of length between the knot and the end of the string to hang it once completed. 
Next, use the hand pump to inflate and tie all of the balloons. Then attach the balloon threading needle to the twine and thread balloons (piercing only the uninflated part of the balloon) in either a pattern or with a random color assortment. As you are threading the balloons, twist them tightly if you want a fuller garland or leave them loose if you prefer a longer balloon garland. 

Similar to the other end of the twine, secure with a triple knot and leave enough string on the end so that you can easily hang it. Finally, attach patriotic details such as streamers, garland, pom poms, etc throughout the garland by tying each to the main string line and hiding any extra string by moving the balloons around.

Serve Up a Patriotic, Personal Dishes

If you have been following my blog or social media, you know that I am the QUEEN of holiday platters. I mean, my Patriotic Grazing Platter was one of the most saved posts EVER (thank you!) but because of social distancing I had to put a unique twist on my favorite way to entertain. Let me introduce to you—a Patriotic Charcuterie Cone!

Not only are charcuterie cones absolutely adorable, but they are also a great way to keep the spread of germs at a minimum when you are hosting a Socially Distanced Fourth of July party. Individual sized portions may require a bit more work, but I guarantee that it will put your guests more at ease. Just be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands (for a complete 20 seconds!) before and after preparing any food.



Cut a square piece of paper in half for small cones (as pictured) or leave intact for large cones. Fold both sides inward so that the paper makes a point at the bottom. Secure the paper cone with tape. 
Next is the fun stuff—fill it with your favorite charcuterie goodies and some patriotic details such as Red, White and Blue Veggie Straw mixstar shaped Lahvosh crackers, your favorite red produce, and by cutting stars out of thick (the thicker the better so you can easily secure them to the skewer) hunks of cheese. Arrange taller items like breadsticks and skewers topped with meats and cheeses in the back and fill the rest of the cup with smaller items such as nuts, crackers, etc.

Light the Night

Not a fan of fireworks or know that there will be sleeping kiddos, nervous dogs, or veteran heroes next door? Then instead of fireworks light the night with basic sparklers or glow sticks. Kids will have a blast running around with them, and there are tons of cool balls and games that you can play with light up balls, frisbees, balloons, and the like. You can even make up games that help kids maintain social distancing so they don’t even notice that they aren’t playing like they regularly do.

And if you do manage to find a fireworks display to enjoy, check out these tips for navigating a fireworks show with kids so you can have the best time possible.

Three cheers for a Socially Distanced Fourth of July Party and my nine-year-old firecracker! For more party tips, click here.


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  1. Marlynn says

    I think I have some of the same 4th of July decorations! We keep them year after year 🙂 And I am loving that patriotic charcuterie cone. So creative!

  2. Tami Qualls says

    This will actually be a perfect alternative to our kiddo who is sensitive to loud noises. I never even considered having a quiet party at home before social distancing was a thing.

  3. Heather says

    I’ve been trying to come up with a way to do something for the 4th without leaving the house. What a strange time we are living in.

  4. Natalie says

    This is so nice. I love the deco and that patriotic platter looks fantastic! Such a great party ideas.

    • Amanda says

      We actually made charcuterie cones for the party since it was much better for social distancing–it was a HIT!

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