The Best Mother’s Day Gifts at Target

People tend to put a TON of pressure on themselves tracking down the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the moms in their lives. I mean—it’s the hardest job on the planet and finding a gift that addresses a mom’s status as SUPERWOMAN/QUEEN/HBIC is tricky. My suggestion on how to take the pressure off yet still find a great gift? Head to Target. Because c’mon—it’s just about every mom’s happy place. They have just about everything a mom could want, from throw pillows to makeup to mini bottles of rose’. And you know what else Target has? A really good return policy just in case you mess up. So without any further adieu, here are the absolute BEST Mother’s Day Gifts from Target.

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Now, first things first. Don’t for a MINUTE think that getting a vacuum, groceries, or anything related to the one billion tasks a mom accomplishes a day is a good Mother’s Day gift. Seriously. Do not give her anything housework related. Even if the mom in your life tells you that her vacuum is broken DO NOT BUY HER ONE FOR MOTHER’S DAY. Ok, so now that we got that out of the way…


Let’s be honest. I’ve loved all of the home goods from Target even before Joanna Gaines set her eye on the big red target. There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF at great price points. So how should you narrow your search? 

Well, first think about the mom in your life. If she is all about the farmhouse style, go with anything from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. Is she more “boho chic?” Then check out all of the gorgeous and unique offerings from the Opal House line. And if Mom prefers a more modern style (like me—hint, hint to my hubby), check out the offerings from Project 62


As a blogger you would think that I am tech savvy, but I am ashamed to admit that it is NOT the case. Thankfully there are knowledgeable team members at your local Target to help you navigate the electronics section. So whether you are looking for a tablet, a new phone case (make sure you pick one that can take a beating because you know kiddos simply LOVE to steal mama’s phone every chance they get), or a fitness tracker, you can definitely find it at Target. 

And don’t forget—walk past anything related to housework. Seriously. Well, except if you spring for a Roomba. That’s acceptable. 


While we moms typically don’t have time to read anything that isn’t school emails or yet another rendition of “Goodnight Moon,” we do still love books. These best sellers are great, whether your mom wants to escape into a fictional story or wants to learn more about people making waves in the world. 


Let’s be honest, moms love to have a new outfit to wear (even if they aren’t leaving the house on Mother’s Day), so be sure to check out the stylish and affordable Target lines, Knox Rose and  Xhilartion. Their items are cut in ways that are great for moms, and at the right price point so you can also spring for a few other Target goodies.

Anxious about getting the wrong size (I mean, the difference between XS and S is mighty confusing)? Then focus on jewelry and accessories. SugarFix by BaubleBar has so many cute pieces, whether you are looking for more sedated or statement pieces. You can also get mom a tote bag for summer adventures, or chose another playful bag for her to refresh her Spring wardrobe. 


If Mother Nature ever cuts us a break, we will be able to go outside and actually start gardening. So give the mom in your life a head start by gifting her something to enhance her garden. While she probably prefers to pick out her own flowers and plants for the garden, you can’t go wrong with , as some fresh gardening tools, and of course some new pots and planters


One of the best ways to ensure that the mom in your life gets a bit of pampering and some much needed “me time” is to surprise her with some new beauty products. Now I’m not talking about makeup because that is a VERY personal choice. Instead, I’m talking about bath and body products that promote long, leisurely baths, nail polish for when mom simply cannot get to her favorite nail salon, and fun gadgets like jade rollers and  masks that help hide the fact that motherhood is so damn exhausting. 

And while you are at Target don’t forget the cards and flowers!

For other Mother’s Day tips (like how to spend it the way YOU WANT TO), click here.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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