The Best Bedtime Books

Oh, bedtime. Depending on your child’s mood, it can either be the BEST or the WORST part of your day. While all families have different night time routines that work for them, one thing element remains universal—bedtime stories. Whether you have a baby, threenager, or school aged kid who doesn’t want to be tucked in anymore, bedtime books are key in creating a great end to the day and the start of a wonderful night’s rest. So I’ve rounded up some of the absolute BEST bedtime books that will set the tone for a sleep filled night.

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What makes a good bedtime book?

Finding the perfect bedtime book can be tricky. You want it to last the right amount of time (the five to seven minute range is the “sweet spot”) and have a melodic quality that helps create a calm bedroom environment.

Lastly, you want a book with a calm and soothing message—not about surviving stormy seas or getting tickled by a monster from outer space.

What are some great bedtime books?

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

Happy Dreamer by Peter H Reynolds

That’s Me Loving You by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken

Listen by Molly M. McGhee

Bad Day by Ruby Roth

It’s Okay To Be a Unicorn by Jason Tharp

Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind by Jessica Hische

Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische

Sophia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty

Sky Color by Peter H Reynolds

Grumpy Pants by Claire Messer

For more Reading Specialist-approved books, check out this list that includes fun titles like Books That Inspire Creative Thinkers.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Amber says

    Most of these are new ones to me. I know my daughter would love the Its Okay to be a Unicorn. Thanks for the ideas- bedtime reading so important to do with kids.

  2. Christa says

    The only ones I’ve read on this list are Spoon and That’s Me Loving You. I can’t wait to pick up some new books to read with my son!

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