Train Lovers in Chicagoland

Chugga chugga choo choo!  It is quite the challenge to find a child who isn’t fascinated by trains of all sizes and kids.  I’m not sure what it is….the noise of the engine, the spiraling tracks….but trains are guaranteed to capture the attention of kids of all ages (and parents, too).  Here are some great […]

Chicago Botanic Gardens with Kids

Stressed out and need a place to unwind?  Looking for a way to get rid of EVERYONE’S grumpies?  Then take a trip to my favorite Chicagoland refuge, The Chicago Botanic Garden.  This gem is nationally recognized for its unique exhibits, programs, and activities that help you slow down, unplug, and simply reconnect with the beauty […]

Chicago Botanic Garden’s Wonderland Express

Chicago is truly one of the most wonderful places in the entire world to celebrate Christmas. There are twinkling lights everywhere you look, carolers serenade you everywhere, from the L platform to Michigan Avenue…it makes Chicago totally bearable in the winter. At least until February rolls around, then we’ve just about had it. But let’s […]