Mocktails for Moms

One of my least favorite things about being pregnant were the dietary restrictions.  Especially when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my second child.  But I figured out ways around the food rules, especially when it came to treating myself to a mocktail. So in honor of my favorite mamas-to-be, here is my collection […]

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

So I like to pride myself on being a pretty cook (my stuffed mushrooms are so amazing I expect for the Food Network to come knocking on my door any second), but here’s the thing: I really like to take shortcuts.Not shortcuts that will ruin a meal or make it unhealthy for my family, but […]

Winner, Winner Slow Cooked Dinner

Something that seems to be constant, no matter what day it is, holiday or otherwise, is the stress of cooking.  First you have to gauge other’s food interests, then head to the grocery store (and you will of course forget one vital ingredient), put said groceries away, and then find the time to prepare and cook […]