Sweet & Salty Christmas Charcuterie Platter

The halls are decked, the presents are bought, and relaxation is calling your name! Seriously though, mama, YOU DID IT! The perfect way to celebrate is totally up to you (I highly recommend a cuddle session with your family and these great Christmas books) but make sure you have some delicious treats to indulge in. My favorite spread is store bought, only takes a few minutes to make, and is incredibly Instagram-worthy—the Sweet and Salty Christmas Charcuterie platter!

Christmas Charcuterie Platter - Board

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I know, I know, everyone has fun decorating Christmas cookies this time of year. But here’s the thing. As a mom, making and decorating cookies with my kids is a CHORE. Yes, I said it, a CHORE. By the end someone is crying, the kitchen smells like burnt sugar, and there are sprinkles and flour EVERYWHERE.

So instead of baking cookies (and yes, I promise that I make a couple recipes with my boys during the holiday season—all while drinking wine, of course), we put together a Sweet and Salty Christmas Charcuterie platter with our favorite store-bought treats. It is so incredibly easy, a fun thing to do with the entire family, and it doesn’t leave a mess. Christmas miracle, eh?

Christmas Charcuterie Platter - Ingredients


Go shopping for your festive ingredients! We love a salty and sweet combo, so we pick up a wide variety of ingredients. Nuts, pretzels, and popcorn serve as a great salty addition, while the rest of our treats focus on chocolate, chocolate, and MORE CHOCOLATE.

My go-to’s for treats are Trader Joe’s and Target, but this year I added a fun twist with festive donuts! Krispy Kreme Chicago delivered a box of delicious and adorable holiday-themed donuts to help sustain us during the last rush before Christmas. I mean, how could I NOT have Rudolph be the centerpiece of our Sweet and Salty Christmas platter?!?

Ingredient Inspiration

Candy canes




Chocolate Bark



Dried Fruit




Donut Holes




Christmas Charcuterie Platter - Donuts


Find a large platter. If you are simply having a cozy night in for two, you won’t need a very large plate, but if you are hosting a party I break out the massive platters like these. I am using a peppermint-candy themed platter from my favorite holiday store, Pasquesi Home and Gardens , but you can find some great options at Target or World Market. Since the platter will be covered with treats there is no need for an especially decorative platter—just something large, sturdy, and beautiful. Bonus points if it has handles!


Now here’s the fun part—putting together your platter! I love putting it together with my family so we each add our own favorites to the Sweet and Salty Christmas Charcuterie platter. I tell my boys to think of each section as a “pizza slice” that we create, with all of the different ingredients leading to a showstopper in the center of the board.

If you have lots of small items (like almonds or marshmallows), try to not place them right next to each other. Variance is key, so place bigger items next to smaller ones, darker colors next to brighter items.

How to make a Christmas Charcuterie Platter


Put your feet up, get cozy, and enjoy!

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Bon Appetite!


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