Summer Boredom Bag & A Land of Nod Giveaway

The three most dreaded words in the English language? “MOM, I’M BORED!” Seriously. Hearing this drives me absolutely insane. It’s not like I don’t take my kids to fun waterparks, museums, movies, ice cream shops, berry farms…well, if you follow my Instagram account you know that we are ALWAYS doing SOMETHING. But by the time August rolls around, I’m spent. I’m done with the pool, exhausted from vacations, and just want a moment to drink my coffee while it is still hot. You too? Then let me share my little secret with you: a summer boredom bag.

You see, the genius of the summer boredom bag is that it contains things that kids can do totally independently. Yes, that’s right, INDEPENDENTLY (depending on age, obviously. Your six month old and chalk paint aren’t a good mix).


Additionally, these items are fairly simple and straightforward, and don’t cost very much. They are blissfully screen free and will make boredom a thing of the past…as long as you rotate items in and out of the bag. So what’s in my bag?


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Giant Coloring Poster

Doctor Play Set


Unique Crayons

Noise Putty



Sidewalk Spray Chalk

Punch Ball

Quirky Building Blocks

Ribbon Twirler

Coloring Books

Pop Up Cars

Matching Cards

Metallic Markers


Arts and Crafts Jar

I know, I know…I have thought of some pretty amazing ways to keep my kiddos entertained. But since I love my readers, I am also giving away a LAND OF NOD “Get Reel” Kids Fishing Game! All you have to do is comment on this post with your favorite way to keep your kids busy this summer. Entries accepted through Sunday, August 13th at midnight CST. Winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email for mailing address.

You still have some time to cross off some Summer Bucket List items, by the way. Need some inspiration? Here ya go!


Now sit back, enjoy your coffee and read a couple more of my blog posts!
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  1. robin rue says

    My boys loved all of those things when the y were little, too. A bag like this is a great idea for preschoolers!

  2. Tomi C says

    Little ones love carrying stuff. When my kids were younger they always had their little backpacks with them and they were full of toys and trinkets. A boredom bag is a neat way to have some activity on hand for those “Mommy I’m bored” moments. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. courtney says

    I can get a good 30min of distraction and entertainment out of the Melissa and Doug water Wow books. they are mess free and great to use in the car,at a restaurant or basically anywhere.

  4. Deedee says

    I love keeping my son busy by setting up a few little blow up pools in the backyard and then I hand HIM the hose (on low, of course!) to fill them up as he pleases. Sure it gets messy, and sometimes the dog and I get wet, but it’s so much fun!

  5. Jen Temcio says

    I love making these kind of bags for kids because they get so excited…especially those punch balls…every kid loves them. BTW – I MUST have that cute bag for myself.

  6. Pam Wattenbarger says

    I love the idea of a summer boredom bag. My granddaughter would like that land of nod fishing toy set! She loves pretending to fish.

  7. Natasha Stevens says

    Some great ideas and I think they’d double as great stocking stuffers too.
    My son gets really into stickers or playdough.

  8. Liz Mays says

    I totally need a boredom bag like that. It’s always nice to have a few books to read and I still love doing jigsaw puzzles to pass the time.

  9. Jaime Nicole says

    This is such a great idea for kids! But I love that bag – if I had it no way would the kids get their hands on it lol!

  10. Jenny Q. says

    Love this idea! Great for the rainy days when my kids can’t do their favorite things. My kids love swimming, hiking and biking in the summer.

    • Amanda says

      My kids just officially learned to ride on two wheels so I am SO EXCITED for family bike rides to end the summer!

    • Amanda says

      Me too! But when the slide is too hot I’m not that upset when we can play inside and enjoy the air conditioning! 😉

  11. Jamie says

    Love land of nod and this giveaway. I keep the kids busy in the yard- they love moving dirt around and pulling weeds and placing rocks. And, when they’re done it’s time for a trip through the sprinkler!

  12. Emily says

    This bag is so adorable! I love the idea of a boredom bag! In fact, we are going on vacation next week and I think a boredom bag for the trip there as well as any down time in the hotel room would be great for my kids. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Jenny Lehotsky says

    Cute ideas! We just went to Florida and the toy that was a hit in the travel bag was the old school Wolly Willy magnet game. The kids loved it!

  14. Mimi Green says

    Singing loudly and dancing silly is my favorite thing to do with my daughter. She could do this for hours. It gives us a chance to bond with one another.

  15. adriana says

    Land of Nod is SO fun for kids stuff! I love this idea too – awesome gift ideas all around! There should never be an “I’m bored” over the summer! LOL!

  16. Brittany Comeaux says

    I Love this idea! I always stock up on random boredom busters at the dollar store when I can. But, I have legitimately run through all of my resources. Today, I actually just filled a bunch of baking pans with soap and water and let my two year old give her baby dolls baths. Anything for hot coffee!!!

  17. Sandhya says

    We collect a lot of tiny items from target $ bins during our trips . But my son can entertain himself with his CTA train all the time …he can play with the train 24/7 🙂

  18. Jackie Thompson says

    I usually bring out the play-dough when I need to keep them busy for a bit. They could play with that for a full hour or more. It is amazing! Thanks for some more ideas!

  19. Our Family World says

    Sure is a unique name for a bag! I love the reason this bag was conceptualized. I will suggest this to my sister. Her 8 year old always says that – “Mommy, I am bored.” The bag would be perfect to keep her coloring books and her Japanese language books. (Yes, you read it right. She’s 8 years old and is learning Japanese.)

  20. Jazmine says

    I brought my son a container of green slime (found in the Dollar Spot at Target) on our plane trip to California and it was a lifesaver! Kept my 3-year-old entertained for an hour.

  21. Bea Alexandra says

    We have created our own miniature golf course in the backyard and we have a summer round tournament This keeps us busy most afternoons before dinner!

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