Spring Clean Your Kitchen with Cascade pure essentials

The days are getting longer, blooms are beginning to bud…clearly Spring is here and I AM SO EXCITED. While my kids are thrilled to spend more time playing outside without turning into icicles, I am pumped to air out my house and get rid of all of the gunk and germs that we have been dealing with during the seemingly endless winter. Where to start? The heart of our home, of course—the kitchen! With all of the traffic my kitchen gets, it is in dire need of a Spring cleaning and I’m sure that mine isn’t the only one. And while you are taking out the old, be sure to introduce some new household products, such as Cascade pure essentials, into your home. Its simplified formula offers a dependable clean that meets the needs of busy families like mine and should definitely be a part of your Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist. 

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Welcome In Freshness

One of the easiest ways to start cleaning out your kitchen is to open the windows and get some fresh air in. I mean, as much as you might love leftovers, you don’t want to smell them. You want to smell the fresh, clean Spring air. Take it a step further by washing your screens and windows with a simple water/vinegar solution (one part each—simple as that!) to rinse away the grit and grime from Fall and Winter.

Clear Out the Clutter

It seems as though we might be responsible for cutting down a small forest based on all the papers that are strewn about our kitchen counters. So put some time aside to go through them and determine what to toss, what to keep, and what to transfer to your family calendar. Wrangle the chaos by installing a storage shelf on the wall to keep some order to the paper clutter that litters every family’s home. Whether you organize them by topic (school vs. work), by child, or by importance, figure out a system that works for your family and STICK TO IT.

Another area that can use some decluttering? Your Tupperware drawer. Get rid of tops with no bottom and bottoms that are missing tops, as well as containers that are way past their prime. You will be amazed at how much valuable cabinet space you can save. And for a “greener” swap, invest in glass storage wear instead of plastic options that don’t hold up as well.

Tackle the Fridge

You know that stink that fills the kitchen every time the refrigerator door opens? Plug your nose and, reach into the deepest depths of the fridge and figure out what’s causing it. Empty out the entire fridge, getting rid of food that is expired and past its prime. EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. Then wipe down the fridge with the water/vinegar solution (remember: one part of each) and scrub away anything that has hardened on to your refrigerator’s surfaces. Remember to wipe down new bottles and containers before putting them back into your pristine fridge to make the freshness last as long as possible.

Refresh Your Space

Spruce up your kitchen towels, oven mitts and any other fabrics that have undergone some major wear and tear over the winter. That dingy sponge? It probably has more germs than your toilet. Get rid of it, and remember to throw the new one in the dishwasher along with the dishes on a regular basis to try to keep it as safe to use as possible.

Add Cascade pure essentials

As a mom, I am always on the hunt for products that are good for my family and high on strength and power. So when I discovered new Cascade pure essentials while on my weekly Meijer run, I was excited to try it.

I have been buying Cascade since I was old enough to have to clean my own dishes and it has never failed me. Whether I took the time to pre-rinse my dishes before having kids to hastily arranging them in the in between driving my kids from one activity to another, Cascade has always provided me with a dependable clean and their new product is no different.

Not only does the Cascade pure essentials simplified formula have the dependable clean that I have relied on for years, but it also has qualities that moms like me look for. It doesn’t just clean dishes—it is also a product I can really feel good about. Why? The Cascade pure essentials formula is ⅓ biobased and free of phosphates and chlorine bleach all while providing a trustworthy clean. Believe me when I say that even with this formula change, Cascade pure essentials is still hardworking enough to get my dishes, glasses, and silver wear sparkling whether I prewash or not. 

New Cascade pure essentials is Cascade’s only dye-free liquid top and its perfumes are infused with essential oils that offer a light citrus scent that simply SCREAM Spring (Lemon Essence or Orange Blossom). For moms like me who love to use essential oils at home, Cascade pure essentials is the perfect addition to your kitchen cleaning regime.

By swapping out our old dishwasher tabs for the new and improved Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs, I feel so much better about what I am putting into my dishwasher. I am much more confident that I am creating a safe environment for my family without having to give up any cleaning power or waste any of my time re-washing dishes when I can be spending time with my family or taking some much needed “me time” at my favorite spa.

During the entire month of April, receive $1 off Cascade pure essential items (bag or tub) using Meijer’s mPerks App. And in celebration of Earth Day, Meijer is offering buy one, get one 30% off all pure essentials during from 4/14-4/20, available at checkout.While you are at the store, be sure to pick up some new kitchen towels and other things to spruce up the heart of your home! Stock up, save, and celebrate Spring with a fresh and safe space for your family.

How are you sprucing up your kitchen for Spring? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy Spring!


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  1. Alli Smith says

    I’ve always used Cascade to make sure my dishes are clean and sparkling. I haven’t heard of Pure Essentials. I love that they are infused with essential oils. I have to add these to my shopping list.

  2. candy says

    We don’t have a dishwasher but for those who do I am sure they will be switching out and using this new product. I need to clean out the refrigerator soon good reminder.

  3. Karen says

    We normally buy the Cascade Platinum for its cleaning power. We’ve been a Cascade household since the days of powdered dishwasher soap. I’ll have to give these a try. They sound awesome.

  4. cait says

    oh my gosh this is the ONLY thing we use for our dishwasher to get all the dirt and food off of our plates and silverware! love it!

  5. Lisa says

    I just cleaned the fridge over the weekend. It looks so much better now. I didn’t know Cascade made a Pure version. I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Jenn@Engineermommy says

    No room feels better to have clean for me than the kitchen. I am a stickler to keeping the dishes and dishwasher in good clean working order. This Cascade product looks like a must for me.

  7. Sarah Bailey says

    OK now this sounds like some really good products to have in the kitchen to help with cleaning. I always like to try and make sure everything is well cleaned and washed.

  8. Lindsay says

    I gotta admit, I haven’t tried this particular formula but I love Cascade over all other detergents. Spring cleaning and purging is in full effect over here and i LOVE IT!! 🙂 I feel so, so good when organizing, purging and cleaning. I call it my therapy. HAHAHA

  9. Roch says

    Clutter anywhere in our house is a big no no. With the right tools and cleaning agent, we manage to clean surfaces and stuff almost every day.

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