Review: Ultimate Ninjas

I’m not going to lie, I DREAD the winter in Chicago. It consists of almost five straight months of my boys wrestling one another and basically climbing the walls all while I gulp coffee and obsessively check my Weather Channel app, searching for signs of Spring. But after attending a friends’ birthday party a few weeks ago, my family discovered an answer to cabin fever: Ultimate Ninjas! It is an “American Ninja Warrior” inspired gym that is the perfect place to release pent-up energy while building strength and character and most importantly—having fun! Here are three reasons why Chicagoland Families Need to Give Ultimate Ninjas a try:

The Courses that Welcome (and Challenge) All

While Ultimate Ninjas might be inspired by “American Ninja Warrior”, you do NOT have to be a top athlete to explore the obstacle courses at the gym. Ultimate Ninjas knows how important it is for kids to build self-confidence and self-esteem, so each course is set up to welcome and challenge athletes of all ages and abilities.

Kids can try a plethora of upper body and balance/agility obstacles such as the Floating Doors, Jumping Spider, Rumbling Dice, Dancing Stones, Mini-Trampolines, and my kids’ favorite—the Warped Walls. There is something for everyone, even a large open gym area for kids to have fun while boosting their confidence.

Adults are even encouraged to join in on the fun—just be ready to have kids challenge you to top the highest Warped Wall so pack gym shoes and eat your Wheaties before you head Ultimate Ninjas!

Attentive and Supportive Staff

Watching your child try and fail at something can be rough for both you AND your child. That’s why I am so thankful that Ultimate Ninjas has such well-trained staff members that are attentive and encouraging. Whether your child is engaged in a game of dodge-ball in the large gym area or trying to master one of the tricky balancing courses, there is a supportive and attuned staff member nearby.

They will model the correct way to tackle an obstacle and will even give advice and feedback after a not-so-successful first attempt. It is such a great difference from the typical staff you see at park district open gym sessions who are simply waiting down the minutes for their shift to be over.

Open Gym, Class, Camp, and Party Options

One of the trickiest parts of Chicago winter is trying to find a way to keep my kids active and off screens. That’s why I’m so glad that Ultimate Ninjas has multiple ways for my kids release ALL of their pent up energy from school.

Their family Open Gym hours are a great way for ALL of us to connect and work up a sweat (tip—check the website for extended Open Gym hours during school breaks), and I’m SO excited for the Glenview location to open so that I can sign my boys up for their drop-in classes.

Ultimate Ninjas also serves as a great birthday party spot if you are getting sick of the same old bowling alley and arcade party that tends to fill up our weekends.

For more tips on how to combat cabin fever and where to play this winter, check out my tried-and-true tips.

Have fun, Ninjas!


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