Reasons to Visit Raging Waves Waterpark

There seems to be two distinct temperatures in Chicagoland: frigid or HOT and HUMID. And as much as I long for heat waves when I am shivering at the bus stop with my kiddos, sometimes it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to keep cool during summer in Chicago. Or at least that was the case until my family made the trek out to Yorkville, Illinois to play and splash the day away at Raging Waves Waterpark. Although we visited on the absolute HOTTEST day of the year, we kept cool and had such a fun time exploring Illinois’ Largest Waterpark. Here’s four reasons why your family should visit Raging Waves Waterpark this summer:

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Most public pools are littered with stray band aids, food wrappers….don’t even get me started on the things that you find in the pool bathrooms. But at Raging Waves Waterpark, cleanliness is at the forefront. The vast grounds were absolutely immaculate and all of the different pools we explored were clean without having so much chlorine in the water that it stung your eyes or left remnants on your skin. And as someone who values cleanliness not just for safety but for peace of mind, this detail is enough to make me want to return to Yorkville during the next Chicago heat wave.


One of the things that I am always afraid of when going to a waterpark is spending a ton of money and only being able to do a few things with my boys because of their small size. But at Raging Waves Waterpark, this is not an issue at ALL.

First off, there are ruler signs everywhere that mark how tall a child must be in order to ride so you don’t end up waiting in a massive line just to find that your child isn’t tall enough to ride the water slide you were waiting for. Each ruler clearly outlines what attractions your child can use and let me tell you, it is a lengthy list no matter their height or age!


There are fifteen different attractions to enjoy, and from the massive Great Barrier Reef wave pool to the heart wrenching Cyclone there is something for everyone to enjoy—from the meek to the mild! During our trip to Raging Waves we spent a TON of time exploring Kangaroo Falls, which features a giant bucket that drenches visitors with 750 gallons of water and did a few laps on the lazy river, Kookaburra Kreek.

There are also two new attractions this year, Wild Wallabies and Quokka-Nut Island. My boys loved twisting down the dual slides of the Wild Wallabies and spent much of our visit keeping score of who made it to the bottom first. Quokka-Nut Island still wasn’t finished during our visit, but it looked like it would be yet another great spot for littles to explore. Clearly Raging Waves knows that little ones crave just as much fun as their older counterparts, so they designed a new area with 4 slides and multiple interactive features that doubles the size of their existing kiddie pools.



While you can’t bring in outside food (only factory sealed water bottles are allowed), there are so many affordable and delicious food options. You can find traditional faire such as burgers and hot dogs, in addition to more unique options such as walking tacos and gourmet salads.

Their locker storage system is also state of the art and makes the safety of your valuables one less thing to think about. Simply purchase a locker, stuff it with all of your things (you don’t want to be walking around the waterpark with your phone—TRUST ME), and then get a locker wristband. Anytime you want to access your locker, all you have to do is scan your wristband and it pops open. So easy and convenient, especially when you have wet and wiggly little boys with you.

In addition to their amenities, Raging Waves Waterpark also has a jam packed list of events, from the Jessie White Tumblers to animal shows and themed days such as “Princess Day.” Honestly, I don’t think there is anything better than lounging in the wave pool and watching the talented Jessie White Tumblers show off their tricks on a beautiful summer afternoon.



Raging Waves isn’t called Illinois’ Largest Waterpark for nothing. It is HUGE! The fifteen attractions are spread out along 45 acres so you don’t feel cramped whatsoever—even when the park is at capacity. While you might not always be able to find chairs located in the shade, you will definitely find enough chairs for your family and friends to set up camp for a fun, splash filled day. Come to think of it, why not celebrate summer birthdays or family reunions at the waterpark? And the fact that this MASSIVE waterpark is so clean just goes to show that it is well worth the price of admission and that safety and cleanliness is definitely a top priority. One tip: bring flip flops or other inexpensive footwear from attraction to attraction so your feet don’t burn on the concrete!

Hope you and your family enjoy Raging Waves Waterpark during the next heat wave! Get your tickets here.


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Happy Swimming!
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  1. Aditi Wardhan Singh says

    This looks like a great place to enjoy and relax over summer. We love our water parks. Don’t have one here locally in Richmond but we missed a chance to go here last year while we were in Chicago. Didn’t regret it till I read this post . haha!

    Keep sharing your summer adventures. Your family is lovely

    • Amanda says

      Definitely plan on including Raging Waves during your next trip to the Chicagoland area. It only took us an hour to get there from our home in the NW burbs.

  2. Leigh Anne Borders says

    Summertime is such a great time to visit these parks! This one looks like a great one to check out with lots of great amenities. My kids would definitely like it!

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