Reasons to Take a Family Trip to ABT Electronics

So I know this sounds insanely silly, but one of our favorite free places to go on a rainy or just plain dull weekend is the ABT Electronics store in Glenview.  But not to buy a television, camera, dishwasher, or any other electronic gadget.  We go to visit all of the fun displays…and gobble up delicious chocolate chip cookies!  It is truly an electronics store with a whole lot more.  Here are some reasons to take a family trip to ABT Electronics next weekend!

You see, the small ABT Electronics store that I remember going to with my family as a little girl has evolved into a 1,000,000 square foot showroom (and they are currently under construction to expand even further) and mini-mall with boutique shops and many features that will amaze your little ones. One of the newest additions? Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is a feast for both the eyes AND the tastebuds.

As I pointed out in earlier posts, my boys LOVE water fountains and fish tanks.  Since ABT has some of the most beautiful ones in our area, we are more than happy to drive 15 minutes from our house to get our “water fix,” especially during brutal Chicago winters.  The design of the water fountain in the main atrium is inspired by the Bellagio’s famous water fountains, and every 30 minutes on the weekends, there is a vibrant and orchestral water show. The show includes music, lights, and lots of different fountains so get those cameras ready and hang back a little bit if your kiddos are a little timid.

Other fun features include a walk in bubble machine so that you can enclose yourself in a bubble, and a fun ball maze machine.  As a chocoholic, my personal favorite thing about visiting on the weekends is indulging in the delicious, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies produced by the gorgeous Viking ovens that I dream about having in my own kitchen one day.  Devouring the cookies while watching beautiful eels, puffer fish, and baby leopard sharks swim just a few feet in front of us?  Perfection.

My overall advice writing about our visits to ABT Electronics and having a blast is to keep your eyes open for places that aren’t necessarily geared towards kids (after all, they aren’t making the decisions regarding flat screen televisions) but that your kids enjoy.  I never thought that my kids would plead with me to go to an electronics store, but I’m glad we found this free hidden gem.

Looking for other free spots to explore as a family? Here you go!

Enjoy your visit…and buy me a tv while you are at it!
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