Reasons to Give Backyard Camping a Try

My one and only camping experience took place when I was newly pregnant and my toddler was teething. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, add in the fact that it was hot and humid, rained most of the time, and our air mattress broke. So almost seven years later when my boys BEGGED me to go backyard camping, my fear was REAL. Thankfully, though, backyard camping is basically glamping and something I am now happy to do all summer long. Seriously. Not convinced yet? Then here some Reasons to Give Backyard Camping a Try.

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No Packing Necessary

One of the top reasons to give backyard camping a try is because it has all the comforts of home—but outside! You know how you want to pack everything you might need but also don’t want to pack too much because it will take up tons of space? Not a problem when you do backyard camping. You can go in and out of the house as much as you need to get random board games, a different pillow, another bottle of wine….you get the drift.

Cozy Comfort

As you can see from my photos, I am all about making simple backyard camping into the ultimate GLAMPING experience. I mean, if I have gorgeous lanterns, soft rugs, plentiful throw pillows, and fur blankets available why wouldn’t I use them to create a cozy and comfortable camping experience?

I highly recommend putting rugs at the entrance of the tent to not only create a warm and stylish welcome but also keep dirt and grime out of the tent as much as possible. I also recommend using battery powered string lights and lanterns to serve not just as night lights when sleeping but also to light your path to and from the house for bathroom breaks.

Screen-Free Fun

To be perfectly honest, one of the reasons why my family gave backyard camping a try was because our landscapers accidentially cut our cable cord when they were installing bushes in our yard. My boys were hysterial that they couldn’t play Roblox and Minecraft wiith their friends (cue ALL THE EYE ROLLS) and honestly I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t complete any work. But honestly, it was a blessing in disguise because it encouraged us to get outside and make memories together in a creative and fun new way.

An Easy Return to Home Base

Another bad memory from my one and only camping experience was waking up at the crack of dawn thanks to loud birds and bright sunshine. I’m not a morning person and need at least one cup of coffee before I sit up in bed, so it was great being able to crawl back into bed after being woken up by what I can only guess was a fight between a duck, chicken, and squirrel right outside our tent (at least that’s what it sounded like).

If your kiddos have trouble sleeping, it is easy to simply scoop them into their beds to sleep overnight and then go right back out to your backyard campsite for breakfast. One of the worst parts about camping is the sleeping, and you can even skip out on all of that if you don’t want to deal with an unruly air mattress.

A S’mores Smorgesboard

Another reason to give backyard camping a try is because you can get so much more creative with your food, especially when it comes to making s’mores. Instead of packing a minimal supply of marshmallows, chocolates, and graham crackers, you can put out a spread of all the fixings, including Nutella, cookies, peanut butter cups, and my new summer favorite, the S’mores mix from Fannie May.

The Ultimate Movie Night

Finally, one last reason to give backyard camping a try is because you can turn it into the Ultimate Movie Night as long as you have a phone, projector, and simple white sheet. We gifted my husband his Father’s Day gift early and I’m so glad that we did because this outdoor projector is perfect for setting up movies while we are backyard camping. I mean, if I make backyard camping this fun and exciting, maybe we won’t ever have to go back to regular camping to campgrounds without clean plumbing and air conditioning nearby, right?!?!

Backyard Camping Essentials

Camping Tent

Self Inflating Air Mattress

Runner Rug

Outdoor Lanterns

Battery Operated String Lights

Faux Fur Blanket

Outdoor Side Table

Throw Pillows

Movie Projector


Regular and Flavored Marshmallows

Graham Crackers

S’mores Sticks

Fire Pit

Wine Bucket/Cooler

Plastic Wine Tumbler

Bug Spray

For more summer fun during quarantine (and once we aren’t stuck at home, too!), check out this growing list.

Happy Camping!


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    • Amanda says

      I guarantee it is better then driving to a far away campsite! I mean–clean bathrooms are just a step away!

  1. Aaliya says

    What a brilliant way to keep the kids engaged over the summer. They are already restless staying indoors because of the lockdown. That cookie platter looks absolutely delicious. And what is a backyard camping without Smores and marshmallows? The boys look like they are happy to be wrapped up in their warm blankets!

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