Rain Gear for Kids

“When life hands you rain, splash in the puddles” seems to be the one mantra that ALL kids follow, no matter their age or gender. And while we parents might cringe when our kids come home a mud covered and soggy mess, you can’t help but notice their huge grins, either. So embrace the Springtime rainstorms (after all, April showers do bring May flowers) and stock up on essential rain gear for kids.

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Finding stylish, waterproof footwear that kids can take off and put on themselves is KEY for any type of rain boot. And while there are tons of boots on the market, many are cute and stylish but simply don’t hold up when your child has a marathon puddle jumping session. But which brands can? Hunter and  Bogs. Why? They are well made, do not leak, and are comfortable enough for running, climbing, splashing and other rain soaked fun. I mean, do you want to outfit your child in boots that are going to slow him or her down? Nope—you want your kiddo to get ALL THE ENERGY out before coming inside for a nice cup of hot cocoa


Summer rain? No problem. It’s like Mother Nature is turning on a sprinkler. But the cold, icy Spring rain that attacks parents whenever they are on the soccer sidelines? NO THANKS. So I recommend investing in two different rain coats (and always size up in order to prolong wear). Why? Because there is a VAST difference between the types of rains we Chicagoans encounter.

For Spring, invest in a high quality, fleece lined coat that protects not just against the rain, but also when the cold, driving rain turns into sleet—and worse—snow. The more pockets the better for not only collecting treasures (definitely check for worms when your child is done with outdoor play for the day) but also for storing hats and gloves. And don’t even think about buying a rain coat that doesn’t have a hood, no matter how cute it is.

A lightweight rain coat is perfect for stashing in your purse or diaper bag when summer storms roll in while you are busy on fun, outdoor summer adventures. Again, a hood and pockets are great but the biggest thing you should look for with a summer rain coat is something that is waterproof and folds easily for travel. Since umbrellas can be a bit bulky and are banned at places like sports stadiums and amusement parks, a great, lightweight hooded rain coat is a game changer. The best place to find one? Target


Speaking of umbrellas, make sure your child is capable of wielding an umbrella before you gift them one as part of an Easter basket or birthday present. I used to not let my boys have their own umbrellas because of the Star Wars light saber inspired battles that would occur. But once they matured (around age five), they became much more capable and actually used umbrellas the way they were meant to be. The fun really begins once your child is confident and safe with an umbrella because it is such a fun accessory. There are so many cute options for different ages, interests, and personalities so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect one for your kiddo.

Don’t forget to check out my advice on where to play on a rainy day so you don’t get the rainy day blues!

Happy Splashing!


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  1. Lisa Favre says

    Oh, what a great idea about including an umbrella in Easter baskets! My nieces are definitely at the point where they know its proper use so that would be a fun gift this year.

  2. Heather @ US Japan Fam says

    Great recommendations!!! I struggled trying to find light raincoats that my 6 year old and 3 year old twins could wear while walking half a mile to school in the rain – covering down to their rainboots, and their backpacks. Not easy to find!!!

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