New Play Space: Big Wave Bounce Park

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to find an indoor play space that is appropriate for toddlers AND big kids. Luckily there is a brand spanking NEW indoor play space in Lake Barrington that caters to both ages—and parents, too! Where is this magical place? Big Wave Bounce Park!

What makes Big Wave Bounce Park so great?

It’s new—which means it is CLEAN. And when you see a well kept play space, you know that it is a result of attentive staff who are ensuring that all visitors are following the rules and playing safe. Such a relief compared to other older, more run down play spaces.

The variety—it ensures that there is something for everyone! Whether you have a daredevil who loves to slide from the tallest heights or kids like mine who LOVE to race each other through the inflatable obstacle courses, there are tons of opportunities for fun.

The open airy space—so keeping an eye on your kids isn’t panic inducing. Whether your child is playing one of the arcade games, rock climbing, or sliding down one of the massive wave-themed slides, you can watch them all from a comfy seat—maybe even with a drink or snack in hand thanks to the concession stand.

It should be noted that the one downside to Big Wave Bounce Park is that the hours are limited. So be sure to check their website and social media pages before making the trek to Lake Barrington. Also, be sure to pack socks and wear long pants and shirts if possible (it’s much more comfortable for sliding down the inflatables) and leave food at home.

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Happy Bouncing!
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  1. Natalie says

    Is outside food not allowed? My kiddo has serious food allergies so I have to bring her food. Does this play area allow exit and reentry so I could take her out to eat in the car and return? Thank you

    • Amanda says

      Outside food is not allowed. You would have to check with them regarding re-entry but I don’t think that would be a problem due to your child’s needs.

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