New Park Alert: Meineke Ninja Warrior Park

Do your kids get a thrill out of seeing who can jump highest off the swings? Does the fact that they literally climb the doorways in your home drive YOU up the wall? Well, have I got the park for you. Bring your energetic little daredevils to Meineke Park in Schaumburg so that they can fulfill their American Ninja Warrior dreams…but in a much safer and more appropriate setting. Here are some tips and tricks for visiting the Meineke Ninja Warrior Park.

Where to Go to Find the Meineke Ninja Warrior Park

Meineke Recreation Park is part of the complex located at 220 East Weathersfield Way in Schaumburg. While not an extremely large park, the Meineke Recreation complex is vast with an additional “traditional” park for little ones, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and indoor community center. Park in the main lot and then walk on over to the strange looking park structures.

What to Bring to the Meineke Ninja Warrior Park

Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior? If so, you know that the contestants will wear all sorts of odd costumes, but your best bet is to wear athletic clothes and gym shoes. Leave accessories like necklaces and hats at home just so nothing gets caught while you are going through the Meineke Ninja Warrior park obstacles.  Be sure to pack park staples such as water bottles and sunscreen and maybe even a picnic lunch since there is so much to the Meineke Recreation Center other than the Ninja Warrior Park.

What to Expect from the Meineke Ninja Warrior Park

The Ninja Warrior Park consists of eleven different obstacles designed for participants aged 13 and up.


  • Ninja Steps
  • Traverse Wall
  • Half Rounds
  • U-Turn Ramp
  • Sway Steps
  • Agility Trainer
  • Floating Boards
  • Balance Walk
  • Up and Over
  • Corridor
  • Vault Wall

While the park is designed for older participants (moms can rock the course, too!), my five year old was able to master about half of the obstacles all on his own. If you have younger kids with you, the adjacent park is perfect for them with traditional slides, swings, and other age appropriate equipment.


One of my favorite parts about the course is that you can time yourself by hitting the start button at the beginning of the course and triumphantly pushing the finish button at the end of the obstacles. The only problem is that if the park is crowded, you most likely won’t be able to go through the course unobstructed. You can always just use the stop watch on your phone (I mean, who doesn’t always have theirs on hand?) if you want an accurate score.

My Recommendations for Visiting the Meineke Ninja Warrior Park

I highly recommend that you only take your kids to this park if they are old enough to navigate it independently. During our visit there were toddlers all over the course and unfortunately there were some bumps and bruises involved because the equipment is not designed for them to safely play on it. Also, be sure to check out the map of the Ninja Warrior course before giving it a try so that you have a better idea of what is expected (some of the obstacles are really strange looking and confusing the first time you use them!).

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Enjoy the park, Ninja Warriors!
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  1. Deb B. says

    The Meineke Ninja Warrior Park is SO up my little one’s alley. In fact, my husband would love it too. So unique. It’s disappointing that there aren’t more parks out there like this! So awesome.

    • Amanda says

      You can get out there, too! When we were visiting there was an amazing mom who was SMOKING the course! It was amazing!

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