Naperville River Walk

Looking to enjoy a beautiful water front without a long road trip or plane flight?  Then look no further than Naperville’s stellar river walk.  Created in 1981, the Naperville River Walk is a beautifully tranquil space for people of all ages to unwind and relax among nature, as well as the gorgeous artwork it inspires.

The winding 1.75 mile path along the West Branch of the DuPage River is the perfect setting for family fun, whether you are looking to have a picnic, go boating, visit a beach, play at a playground, interact with art, or simply get in some exercise.

I must admit that Naperville is quite a hike from where we live, but since it is such a great FREE resource for those in the area and provides so much beautiful scenery that it more than makes up for the long drive.

There are a few restaurants to take advantage of, but we tend to make ourselves a nice picnic in the shade and simply let life and the river flow right by.

If you are looking for a great place to take family photos, the Naperville River Walk has some beautifully unique artwork and covered bridges that will make for truly unique photographs.  Our personal favorite was this gorgeous red sculpture.

There are so many beautiful trees that I can’t wait for us to visit this fall, and maybe be brave enough to take a trip into the clock tower.  Or maybe we will just enjoy the view from the bottom.  Same thing, right?!?


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Happy Exploring!
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  1. Robin Masshole mommy says

    What a lovely area to go walking in. That seems like a great way to spend some quality time with your family. I would love to explore one day.

  2. Ron Leyba says

    What a fun and relaxing view and place to visit. How I wish I could go there too and experience the real time excitement.

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