My Favorite Organic Baby Products

It seems like everywhere you look, products are becoming more “green” and “all natural”–and for good reason. There are so many toxins out in the world that we ingest, whether we like it or not. The great thing is that as a parent, you can make a conscious choice to avoid many harmful ingredients simply by paying attention to what you purchase for your family, especially your young children.  Totally overwhelmed but you don’t know where to start? I get it. Here are some of my favorite organic baby products that have withstood my rough and tumble boys:


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Simmons’ Beauty Sleep Organic Crib Mattress

Want a great sleeper? Then make baby’s sleeping environment as tranquil and safe as possible.  Babies will sleep around 12 hours a day so be sure that they are sleeping on a high quality mattress.


Organic Nightfall Baby Blanket

If there is anything I have learned over my (almost) six year of parenting, it is this: kids get attached. To things, people, etc. So if you are going to introduce a lovey, make sure it is an organic, soft, durable, and STYLISH one.


PlanToys Bath Toys

Bath time is play time for everyone, right? I mean, that’s the only reason why you are also soaking wet by the end of bath time. So be sure to use sustainable and creative toys that will not harbor mold and don’t use any chemicals since bath toys will undoubtedly be chewed un as part of the bath time madness.


Ergo Organic Baby Carrier

Baby wearing was a game changer for me. Not only could I bond with my baby all while chasing my toddler, but while baby wearing the sweet smell of their noggins was perfectly positioned for constant kisses throughout the day. Ergo carriers were always easiest on my back and come in so many stylish colors.


bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper

For cloth diapering mamas, this is a game changer! It is fully lined with soft and absorbant organic cotton. The unique butterfly closure makes diaper changes a snap! And did you see how many cute diaper options there are? SWOON.


UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat (Jake—Black)

This state of the art car seat is made of wool, which is naturally flame retardant. Another great safety feature is the SMARTSECURE system to let parents know that baby is safe and sound before driving.  This car seat is also now lighter than past seats so your arm won’t be throbbing after walking from your car to Target.


Does this list of products have you inspired but you don’t know how to continue your natural parenting journey? Well, don’t forget about finding natural products for YOU. Lena Rose Natural Beauty not only has a comprehensive collection of skincare and beauty products for the conscious consumer but also an oasis spa to help even the most stressed out mama find a moment of Zen in a clean and natural way. And for you candle lovers, Bright Endeavors is a company that allows you to light a candle and save a life—literally. Each of the premium soy candles is made by a young mom who has partnered with the Bright Endeavors paid job training program. You truly can’t find a better—or brighter—candle!


Looking for my other “favorite things?” Well, I might not be as fancy as Oprah but you can search “Queenie’s Picks” in the side bar search area to track down my favorite things!

Happy Shopping!
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  1. Jeanette says

    I had the Ergo carrier, and my sister has that car seat and loves it. You have some wonderful suggestions here I’m past the stage of baby but my sister-in-law is just getting into it for the second time I’m wondering if she has some of the other items you suggested here I’ll have to ask her.

    • Amanda says

      I was so sad while writing this list because I am past the baby age, too…but I’m sure my boys would still play with the adorable penguin in the bath!

  2. Bill says

    I love these organic choices for babies! It is amazing how much is still allowed into products for our kids and babies that can be harmful.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are all great products. I will have to pick up the Ergo Organic Baby Carrier for a baby shower gift.

    • Amanda says

      There are actually a ton of organic mattresses…I guess when you spend so much of your time on them you want to make sure you have a great one to rest on!

  4. uprunforlife says

    Organic has become so popular since I have had my kids. I don’t push for organic. I think it is a great idea and it is perfect for kids who have sensitivities to chemicals.

    • Amanda says

      I have found such a vast difference in the quality so I prefer organic items whenever my budget allows.

  5. My Teen Guide says

    I wish I knew these organic baby products before when my son was a baby. But glad to know all of these, my sister in law need those items.

  6. Tami Qualls says

    These are all wonderful products for keeping our babies safe and healthy. I wasn’t aware of most when my little guy was born.

    • Amanda says

      I feel like companies are always coming up with better and safer products. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  7. Cat says

    So many wonderful products here!! Definitely saving this list for the next time I need to come up with a baby shower gift. Thanks!

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