My Favorite Halloween Decorations

I’m just going to say it: I’m the most BASIC witch once October rolls around. I’m all about ghost shaped marshmallows, taping up black bats just about EVERYWHERE and will search high and low for the perfect white pumpkin. So to say that I take my Halloween decorating seriously would basically be the UNDERSTATMENT of the year. Seriously. So now that temperatures have dropped and so many stores have Halloween decorations on sale, check out my favorite Halloween decorations. 

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First let’s talk outside. It’s what people see the most and it tells trick-or-treaters to either run to your door or pass it by if it looks lame. And while it might be nice to hoard the Halloween candy for yourself, you don’t want to feel like Charlie Brown on Halloween. Seriously. 

What is my main tip for outdoor Halloween décor? Picking one theme and sticking to it. 

If you want to be a spooky house, go all out with the fog and animated decorations. My boys absolutely LOVE hiding motion activated decorations around our front door (my poor mail carrier) that give unsuspecting visitors a scare.

There are tons of different types of ghoulish displays to choose from. I recommend choosing one or two main pieces like these witches or monsters and then adding more subtle support in the form of ghostscoffins, and skeletons.

Prefer a more traditional display? Then scoop up anything and everything pumpkinHay bales and corn stalks are great, too. You can check out my fall themed porch decorating tips here.

Looking for something simple that makes a BIG statement? Then you can’t go wrong with giant spider webs and their fuzzy counterparts. I mean, it’s only once spiders are INSIDE your house when things get bad—right?!?!

If you have small children who might be a bit spooked by gory or grotesque Halloween decorations, you might want to choose one of the many inflatable Halloween decoration options, especially those that depict favorite characters

Be sure to light it up so that it is safe for trick-or-treaters to make their way to your front door. I absolutely LOVE that you can take a short cut using light projectors (I mean, check out these awesome spooky scenes they will shine onto your house) or you can get pre-lit decorations or string lights to affix to your home and lawn.

Moving indoors, I love the look of curated Halloween décor. When Snoopy is next to a blinged out skull, I’m just plain confused—and I feel bad for Snoopy. But that doesn’t mean you can only get one style of Halloween décor for the inside of your home. Instead, create vignettes of similarly grouped items.

For example, I am that basic witch that loves taping black bats to the wall around fabric covered mirrors. And while that might be trendy, that doesn’t mean that I don’t also have gaudy haunted houses and trains on our sideboard for kids to play with. Because let’s be honest—even if you set up the PERFECT Halloween themed Instagram photo, your kids will end up ruining it by the time you get your camera. 

I tend to color coordinate my Halloween decorations in order to create a more cohesive look, keeping the traditional orange/white/black combo together and then putting purple/green/black in its own separate area. Just by keeping things in the same color family your Halloween décor will look much more impressive.

When grouping items together, remember that groups of three are extremely pleasing to the eye and to vary the height of your items, especially when decorating a shelf or mantle. Mixing different shapes and sizes keeps a Halloween décor display interesting. For example, a set of spooky candlesticks looks great next to a monster phone (my boys’ favorite).

Kids want to get involved? No problem. Well, it’s not a problem if you give them free reign on their own area. In our house our boys go CRAZY decorating our playroom. There are no rooms and Mommy can’t go in there to “fix” things—even though it pains me. So get your kids some spooky decorations that don’t break easily (hello, foam pumpkins and spider webs) and let them have at it. Oh, and don’t forget to “ooh and aah” over their display.

For all things Halloween, including where to get the best pumpkins and how to have a “Not So Spooky” Halloween, check out my Fall guide.

Happy Decorating!


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