Mom’s Guide to a Spa Day at Home

My house is filled to the brim with testosterone. Seriously. I don’t know why I buy ANYTHING nice with these brutes around because just about every activity turns into Wrestle Mania and don’t even get me started with what our bathrooms are like. So if you are like me and dying for a little bit of pampering and “girly time,” let me to introduce you to this Mom’s Guide to a Spa Day at Home. It’s specifically designed to fit realistic budgets and our small pockets of alone time all while providing the maximum amount of relaxation. 

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How to make a Spa Day at Home HAPPEN

I always have the best intentions to take some “me time” throughout the day (especially during this crazy stressful quarantine) but by the time I put the kids to bed I am WIPED out and can keep my eyes open for about ten minutes and I am DONE. So I have gotten into the habit of scheduling some spa day “me time” during the day to ensure it actually happens.

How? Not just by tapping on my husband’s shoulder and shouting “You’re It!” before running upstairs and locking myself in the bathroom but by also taking advantage of the times when my kids simply don’t need me. For us, that’s when my boys play Minecraft along with their friends and do God knows what to zombies. More specifically, 1:40 p.m. Seriously. It’s the time we ALL look forward to. 

It is built into our day, every day, and works well for both the boys and mama. Everyone knows that it is basically a “Do Not Disturb” time for mama—well, unless someone is bleeding. It might have taken a few pairs of ear plugs and some tears in order for everyone to get on the same page, but just like teaching them how to sleep through the night as babies, it has been the best thing for ALL of us.

What does a Mom’s Spa Day at Home LOOK LIKE?!?!

It can be anything you want it to be. The reason why we moms love spas is because of their zen-like quality. There aren’t phones, the lights are soft, it is quiet…I mean, even the drinks they offer are still hot when you enjoy them. 

To create the same type of blissful environment at home, think about what part of the spa you want to enjoy. For some it might be painting your nails and reading gossip magazines, for others it is a soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine, while for others it might be simply laying down with a face mask on, doing nothing at all.

Mom’s Spa Day at Home Arsenal

This Mom’s Guide to a Spa Day at Home isn’t just tips on what to do to make some much needed “me time” happen. Oh, no. I’ve also got the goods so you know EXACTLY what to put in your Mom’s Spa Day at Home Arsenal. Keep this checklist handy the next time you head to the story or do some online shopping. Because there’s nothing worse than when you are looking forward to taking a soak in the tub and realizing that you are fresh out of bath bombs.


  • Cucumbers and lemons to put in water
  • Trail mix
  • Caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea
  • Wine—especially canned wine for its perfect serving size!



Beauty Products

I also reached out to one of my absolute favorite makeup artists, Malè Jonas, who shared with me some of her favorite at-home face mask treatments if you don’t have time to track down your favorite sheet mask. Based on her flawless skin, I know that these treatments are WINNERS. 

According to Malè, masks are perfect for people who are looking for a boost. When we talk about DIY masks or natural masks, that doesn’t mean they are good for everyone. You need to be careful in case of allergic reactions to an ingredient, so it is always best to try it behind the ear or on your neck before slathering the product all over your face.

Some basic face masks to make at home:

  • Moisturizing Face Mask (2 tsp coconut oil + 1.5 tsp honey + 1 drop lavender oil for 15 minutes)
  • Calming Face Mask (Mash up 1 avocado and spread it on your skin for 20 minutes)
  • Pore Minimizing Mask (2 tsp corn starch + 1 tsp coconut oil + mineral water until you reach the desired texture. Leave on for 20 minutes)
  • Exfoliating Mask (2 tsp oats + 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp brown sugar. Let sit and massage off after 15 minutes)

Not enough time for a mask? Then simply integrate coconut oil when cleaning your face for its hydrating qualities and using corn starch on your skin to improve its softness.

I truly hope that this Mom’s Guide to a Spa Day at Home encourages you to take more time for yourself and inject some self-care into your day. We deserve it all throughout the year, not just around Mother’s Day.



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