Mom Hack: Butter Braid® Pastries

Back to school season is here and that means that I finally get a break from being snack servant. What is it about the summer months that make my kids’ appetites morph from small boys to giant men?!?! In anticipation of hangry kids coming home after a long day at school, I’m working on easy and delicious snacks that will fill their tummies—and whoever else happens to show up at my house after the bell rings. My mom approved and kid friendly after school snack idea? Butter Braid® pastries.

This post is sponsored by Butter Braid®. All opinions are my own.

What are Butter Braid® Pastries?

Imagine sweet and savory, flavor packed pastries that taste like grandma baked them from scratch. Well, that is what a Butter Braid® pastry tastes—and looks–like. Whether you choose a sweet, fruit and cheese filled option or a savory option such as the Four Cheese with Marinara Sauce Butter Braid® pastry, you really cannot go wrong.

What makes Butter Braid® Pastries the Perfect After School Snack?

Butter Braid® Pastries are both mom and kid approved because not only are they delicious and filling, but they are also SO EASY to prepare. All you have to do is take the frozen dough out and leave it on a greased baking sheet overnight so it rises, pop it in the oven, and you have a mouth watering pastry to enjoy in under 30 minutes.

Since there are so many different flavors, there is a Butter Braid® pastry for every single palate. For example, my oldest son is a chocoholic like his mom, so we adore the Bavarian Cream with Chocolate frosting Butter Braid® Pastry while my husband and youngest son are all about the fruit and cream cheese flavors.

WhyButter Braid® Pastry Fundraising?

As all parents know, going back to school means the return of school fundraisers. This was always my least favorite part of teaching so as a parent I have searched to find the absolute BEST school fundraising options that provide the biggest monetary support to our school and also sell the absolute best products.

So when I had the chance to partner with Butter Braid® Pastry brand, I jumped at the chance. Not only are Butter Braid® pastries delicious and a favorite of both itty-bitty foodies and more well established palates, but its fundraising program also has an incredibly high per-item profit. 

School fundraising is not as challenging when you have a product like Butter Braid® pastries that sell itself.  Since 1991, the Butter Braid® brand has helped groups raise over 245 million dollars to better kids, schools, and communities. Each Butter Braid® pastry yields 40-45% profit for your company and since Butter Braid® products are not sold in stores, Butter Braid® Fundraisers are extremely successful.

Be sure to check out my recipes page for more delicious, kid (and mom) friendly meals and check out my Back to School guide before summer ends.

Bon Appetite!


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  1. Jen says

    Oh, this looks delicious. I love the idea of the Bavarian Cream flavor, I’m a chocoholic myself along with my kids. Definitely making this over the weekend so my nieces and nephews could taste ’em. Thanks!

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