Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day

In the past I have written about the most romantic restaurants around Chicagoland to take your sweetheart to if you are lucky enough to score a babysitter and some other ways to have the Ultimate Date Night in Chicagoland. Well, I’m here to tell you that ALL IS NOT LOST if you aren’t able to get a baby sitter on Valentine’s Day…it is so much more exciting and fulfilling to share a fun holiday like Valentine’s Day with your kiddos. They get so excited about just about everything and tend to give a ton of hugs and kisses. And if they don’t, there is always the dog, right?!? Here are some tips for having a Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day.

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Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Food Ideas


Pinterest is filled with so many cute recipes for heart shaped egg toast, “heart pancakes,” the list goes on and on. But here’s the thing…a cute breakfast for your valentine doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply pick up some donuts from your favorite donut shop (as well as a latte, because you have most definitely earned it) and enjoy! We LOVE the red velvet donuts from Spunky Dunkers, and you can never go wrong with donuts from Stan’s any day of the year.

And if you are freaking out about the fact that your kiddo isn’t getting any fruit, add a smoothie on the side and you are all set. We like to start with Greek yogurt and then add a handful of spinach, a banana, a few splashes of orange juice, and whatever fruit we have on hand. If you use strawberries or raspberries, you can create a perfectly pink smoothie for your little loves (and your big ones, too). If you decide to set up a hot cocoa bar instead I won’t judge you at all.



No matter what you serve for lunch, it is relatively easy to add some red or heart shapes to it. We like to make grilled cheese and soup on winter weekends, so we like to cut the bread in the shape of a heart using cookie cutters. You can also cut up an apple and create a cute little heart design—the sky is the limit! And if you need some inspiration, check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Page. I absolutely love the heart shaped bacon, love messages written on real fruit, and how you can cut just about anything into heart shapes.



Lamp chops? Surf and turf? Fondue? That might be nice for a special date night, but for Valentine’s Day with your kiddos, there is nothing better than heart shaped pizza. Just about every local pizza joint has this special cheesy treat, and our favorites are a tie between Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizzas and Barnaby’s thin and crispy pies.



If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a sucker for a holiday charcuterie platter. So head to Target and World Market to stock up on red, pink, and white colored treats. You can check out my recipe here.

Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities


Just like I mentioned in my ways to fight the winter blues article, a great way to show your kids that you love them is to put them in charge and do something that they like to do. Whether it is a trip to the library, a favorite museum or play space, there are endless fun ways to spend the day. I have compiled a list of our 15 favorite “Mommy & Me” date ideas to inspire you and don’t forget about this list of the Family Playdate Ideas for Chicagoans.

Check out some of our favorite winter activities, especially places to burn off some of the sugar you have for sure ingested in honor of Valentine’s Day.


Looking for something to do at home? There are tons of different crafts to enjoy, and I have many simple ones pinned to my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Page. Our holiday go-to is homemade play dough, so for this holiday we spice it up with red food coloring and glitter, of course! My kids simply love conversation candy hearts but I don’t let them eat that kind of sugar filled junk, so we craft with them instead.

And if you are looking for an easy way to send valentines to your nearest and dearest, try our easy peasy method.  Since we love to paint in our house, we like to take a simple approach of painting using different mediums and “Valentine’s Day” type colors of red, pink, yellow, and purple to create abstract art. Once the paint is dry, we then cut the paper into different heart shapes and use them to decorate our house, or give away as valentines to friends and family. It is such an easy way to spend time together and take one shopping trip off your list.

Lastly, if you got suckered into volunteering at your child’s Valentine’s Day party at school, check out this allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day craft.



While I love gifting my kiddos special trinkets for holidays, I also hate clutter so I am VERY mindful when I purchase gifts for them. A no-fail option? Books! I compiled a list of my absolute FAVORITE Valentine’s Day themed books here.



Hope you have a great day with a full and happy heart!


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  1. Theres Just One Mommy says

    I love the idea of spending Valentine’s Day as a family. We never go out on Valentine’s Day — too many people crowding the restaurants for my tastes… But celebrating at home with the kids — priceless!

    • amandasimkin says

      I think it is so much more fun to spend the day with the kids. We usually plan a date night sometime around then so we can stuff our faces with chocolate at a nice restaurant, though. Clearly, chocolate and I have a VERY strong relationship.


  2. Tricia says

    Wonderful ideas! I will have to do this a few days before Valentine’s Day this year because my husband and I are taking a short trip. I love all of the heart-shaped food ideas though.

  3. amandasimkin says

    I never knew it was so easy to make things into heart shapes. Easy for this busy (and not going to lie, sometimes lazy) mommy. 🙂

  4. amandasimkin says

    Thanks for stopping by! We are currently making the different shades of pink play dough and it is AWESOME!

  5. amandasimkin says

    I never knew they did heart shaped cookies…clearly dinner AND dessert will come from my boyfriend Lou this year!

  6. amandasimkin says

    I’m sure I will be writing about our Valentine’s Day adventure on the blog…My little guy told me he wants to “do something special in the big city.” Way to be specific, little buddy!

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