Inside Look: Wrigley Field Tour

I might be a little bit biased but I can’t think of a better ball park than the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. The ivy, the organ, the scoreboard…it’s no wonder that Wrigley Field is packed either with or without a winning team. That’s why I recommend that all baseball fans (even those South siders and pesky St. Louis fans) sign up for a Wrigley Field tour. It is such a unique and educational experience and the perfect gift experience for those who are incredibly hard to shop for (I’m looking at you, hubby). Here’s an Inside Look at a Wrigley Field Tour:


There are different levels of tour options which include different activities based on whether your tour takes place on a game day or non-game day. I highly recommend booking a tour on a non-game day so that you can visit the press room, Cubs dugout, and visitor locker room. I also recommend upgrading to the Ivy package so that you can take a photo in front of the historic wall of ivy. For an extra $10, it is totally worth the memento. 


One of the reasons why I booked our Wrigley Field tour is because my kids have become HUGE baseball fans this year and I thought it would be a great gift for my husband for Father’s Day. I was a bit nervous that they would get a little antsy learning about Cubs and Wrigley history on a tour on a hot summer day but they did great. As did the other young kids on the tour with us. 

Since there is about a mile walk all around the ballpark, be prepared to carry your kiddo or babywear since strollers are not permitted. Wheelchairs are available, but keep in mind that there are some destinations on the tour that are not wheelchair accessible, such as the Chicago Cubs dugout.

Lastly, kids 2 and under are free for tours (and for Cubs games) but if you don’t think they can handle a 75-90 minute guided tour, they might want to sit this one out until they are older.


I was born and raised a Chicagoan and have been to more Cubs games than I can count, but I learned so much from our amazing guide on our Wrigley Field tour. For instance, did you know that the Chicago Cubs were originally called the Chicago Whales? It’s true. And you will learn even more Cubs trivia on our Wrigley Field tour.


Unfortunately the Wrigley Field tour does not include a visit to the Chicago Cubs’ locker room but just about everything is fair game.

We went on the Wrigley Field Ivy Tour and experienced Wrigley from a plethora of vantage points. It was so neat to be able to take a photo in front of the iconic ivy clad wall and see how far fielders have to throw the ball to home plate.

Another neat highlight was seeing how small and not-so-impressive the visitor’s locker room was. I mean, you get a real taste of home field advantage when you check out the small space that opposing teams use when visiting Wrigley Field. And while it may be small and look less modern than some high school and/or college locker rooms, it was so neat to think about all of the amazing athletes who had used that room. If you stop to think about it, you will undoubtedly get goosebumps.

As a writer I loved being able to sit in the press box and get the best view of the park. Our guide told us some hilarious stories about Harry Caray as well as radio analysts and it was so neat to see where the voices of the Chicago Cubs spend most of the season.

The crown jewel of the Wrigley Field tour was being able to explore the Chicago Cubs dugout. I never realized that it had so many levels and I couldn’t get over the fact that I was standing where so many Cubs greats also stood. I mean, I’ve seen the dugout thousands of times on television and when sitting in the crowd at ball games, but there was something truly magical about spending some time in their cozy nook.


As you may have guessed, photos and videos are most definitely encouraged and the tour guides are more than happy to help take your photo (they have a TON of practice and know how to take a great shot no matter where you are at Wrigley). Be sure to wear your Cubby blue, too!

As you can tell from our photos, we went on our tour during a rain storm, so keep in mind that Wrigley Field tours go on rain or shine. Don’t let a little water keep you from enjoying the Friendly Confines!

And when you are ready to take the kids to a Cubs game, don’t leave home without reading my Wrigley Field Insider’s Guide.



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  1. Erin says

    Your tour looks like it was a great mix of informative and fun. I’m officially sold that this is a tour I’d like to take with my mom, who is a lifelong baseball fan. I’ll have to ask her if she knew the Cubs were once the Chicago Whales. What an odd name for a Midwest team! I mean, I would understand having a water animal name with the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago, but there aren’t really any fierce predators in fresh water. And, definitely no whales!

    • Amanda says

      Exactly! And yes, I’m sure your Mom would love it. Makes for a perfect birthday or Mother’s Day gift!

  2. Amber says

    This would be so fun! We are Reds fans though- so def checking to see if Cincinnati has a similar tour.

  3. Jill Koester says

    I am giving this to my sister-in-law & her boyfriend for Christmas. I do not see when buying the tickets it does not show how to upgrade to the tour to include the ivory wall & I know that is something they will want to do. Do you upgrade the day of the tour?

    • Amanda says

      Right now it looks like off-season tours are only available. You might have to wait til Spring to book the tour that does the COMPLETE tour of Wrigley, which includes walking on the warning track in front of the ivy.

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