Ice Cream S’mores

Looking for s’more ways to enjoy the last few weeks of summer? Then let me introduce you to my favorite twist on a traditional summer favorite: Ice Cream S’mores. What makes it so special? Combining the heat of a roasted marshmallow with delicious cold and creamy ice cream is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy the flavors of summer. But as with all recipes, quality is essential. So be sure to grab a pint of All Natural Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream when the sweet tooth hits.

This post is sponsored by Turkey Hill Dairy. All opinions are my own.

The Turkey Hill Dairy Difference

There are so many different types of ice cream on the market nowadays and it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect one (especially when it’s summer and you are shivering in front of the grocery store freezers in a tank top) so let me tell you about Turkey Hill Dairy and why families like mine reach for it over its competitors.

In 2019, Turkey Hill Dairy became powered by 100 percent renewable resources. That’s right—thanks to two wind turbines, hydroelectric power, improved shipping methods, and environmentally conscious packaging—Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream is one of the “greenest” ice creams around! As a family trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we were thrilled to find a company whose values align with ours.

Turkey Hill Dairy is just as committed to their ice cream as they are to preserving the environment, so their All Natural Ice Cream is made with only the simplest and most honest ingredients. With fewer ingredients, I can say YES more to ice cream parties and let’s be honest—it’s more fun to be a “Yes Mom.”

Ice Cream S’mores

Now let’s get down to business! It is so incredibly easy to prepare ice cream s’mores. After a long (yet fun) summer my boys got a little sick of traditional s’mores, so one day we came up with a unique dessert to share with friends. It’s super simple and easy to set up, and kids can do it all themselves so parents can kick back and relax.

Here’s what you need:

Turkey Hill Dairy Ice Cream (the flavors are ENDLESS)

Graham crackers


Roasting sticks

Fire pit (or move the party indoors and use the oven or a stovetop burner)

I like to put the ingredients on a platter for easy assembly and then my work is done! Worried about the ice cream melting too much? Don’t be! It makes the flavors come together better and when the ice cream is soft instead of hard, you won’t have to deal with broken graham crackers. 

Simply roast your marshmallow, take a scoop of your favorite Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream (I especially love the combination of marshmallow with Chocolate Peanut Butter) and smash it all together with two graham crackers. Will it be messy? Yes. But it will also be delicious. Guaranteed.

You can also pre-make ice cream s’mores for a party. Just be sure to use a variety of ice cream (Mint Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel are very popular in our neighborhood and you can never go wrong with a Trio’politan variey) when assembling your ice cream s’mores. Freeze them on a baking sheet in the freezer or individually wrap them in foil and store them individually if you are short on space.

For more delicious recipes, check out this page.

Bon Appetite!


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  1. Tami says

    These look so much tastier than ice cream sandwiches, which are my current weakness. My kiddo will enjoy the mess of making these with me.

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