How to Make a Mystery Letter

The one perk of this whole Covid Quarantine? The art of letter writing is getting the love and attention that it deserves! While adults like me might prefer personalized stationary like this, kids prefer a more fun and interactive approach. My solution? Mystery Letters! No, I’m not talking about sending creepy letters made of scraps of magazine. Instead, I’m talking about writing a message that your pen pal needs to discover using watercolors. Here’s How to Make a Mystery Letter.

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How to Make a Mystery Letter—Materials

How to Make a Mystery Letter—Instructions

The main goal of Mystery Letters is to communicate with a friend when you can’t be together. Think about what you would like to share and what type of things you would like to learn about the person you are writing to (chances are they will write back if you ask good questions!). Remember to use correct parts of a letter, including a proper greeting, body of text, and signature.

The tricky part about writing Mystery Letters is that you have to use a white crayon on white paper in order for your recipient to use watercolors and read it correctly. It is going to be hard to see while writing, but it will be easiest to see if you write your Mystery Letter next to the window and take advantage of the sunlight.

Write your letter as you normally would, then fold it up and put it in an envelope. The most IMPORTANT part is that you write your Mystery Letter recipient’s name on the envelope with either pen or pencil, as well as a note to “Cover this paper in either watercolors or washable marker to reveal a secret message”.

How to Make a Mystery Letter—Results

The harder you write with the white crayon the easier it is for your friend to read your Mystery Letter. The message becomes clearest when covered with a light amount of watercolor paint, but you can still see the message if the only thing you have at home is a washable marker.

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Happy Writing!


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  1. Lori Geurin says

    This is such a fun activity the whole family can enjoy! I remember sending hidden messages like this when I was a girls and loved coloring over them to reveal the secret message. Plus, coloring or painting is so relaxing.

  2. Louisa says

    I love mysteries! This is so much fun for kids but for adults too. Anything with watercolor definitely has my attention.

  3. Shayla says

    This is so exciting, I called my oldest daughter in to the room to see this post so she can do it today or tomorrow with her siblings! What a lovely project!

  4. Marisa says

    This is such a fun activity for kids to do….. I always wondered how to make these!!! What a way to spend the time at home these days.

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