How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas Morning

Oh, Christmas morning. It’s when moms should TRULY shine, but we are usually too busy making sure that the coffee maker is on and taking photos of (hopefully) happy faces tearing into wrapped gifts while wiping our noses because the buildup to Christmas has let us moms RUN DOWN. But here’s the thing. There are a few small things we can do to truly ENJOY the morning that we have worked so hard for. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Then read these tips for How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas morning:

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Organize the gifts as you wrap (and hide) them. As I have shared in my post about holiday gift wrap hacks, I wrap all of the “Santa gifts” in Santa paper to differentiate between presents from the big guy and gifts from us.

And to keep them organized (and hidden), I pack them in our suitcases leading up to Christmas morning. Put a post-it note with each child’s name in each piece of luggage to keep it all organized so then all you have to do on Christmas Eve is unzip and put the presents under the tree. Easy Peasy.

Program the coffee maker to brew before the sun comes up. And take out your most festive mugs while you are at it, too. Because moms run on coffee and it needs to be ready as early as possible on Christmas morning. Not a coffee drinker? Well, there’s always mimosas—but pace yourself!

Plan an easy, make ahead breakfast. Because after all of the work that you have done to make the countdown to Christmas magical, you shouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen missing out on all the fun. My go-to’s? These easy (and delicious) Christmas breakfast recipes.

Put your (charged) camera, phone and selfie stick next to the tree, in addition to a tool box. Because even though your hair will be a mess and while Christmas jammies are comfortable, they might not be the most flattering, you will regret not being in any photos from Christmas morning.

As someone who has lost a parent and is slightly heartbroken each Christmas, the photos of your family together on Christmas morning will ALWAYS be treasured—imperfections and all.

And for the tool box? Scissors, tiny screwdrivers and batteries are great for those gifts that require adult assembly. Maybe even put a small bottle of booze in the tool box for you?!?

Create a clean up rule. As a Virgo, I get such anxiety when there is a mess in the house. So before kids get lost in playing with their new toys, create a clean up rule (or maybe call it a festive game?!?!). Lay out garbage bags the night before and have everyone work together to race around and slam dunk all of the wrappings into the bags so that you aren’t stuck cleaning up from Christmas morning alone.

Finally, ditch any and all expectations. So your kid freaked out that Santa didn’t bring an X-box (I guarantee this will happen in our house next week) and your kids won’t take an Instagram worthy group photo. Oh well. Let it go. I mean, isn’t that what they created collages for?

Hope Santa brings you a day full of love and a stress-free Christmas morning. You’ve earned it. My gift to you? Holiday hacks to help you find the joy in the busy holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Mamas!


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  1. Amber says

    The wrapping paper and garbage everywhere drives me crazy on Christmas. I clean up between between each gift opening like a crazy person. lol. I cant help myself. I should turn it into a game.

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