How to Have a Field Day at Home

While Covid-19 might have robbed our kids of their beloved teachers and classrooms, that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on those special end-of-the-year activities that always mean so much. Even if you are short on space or on a tight budget you can still put together a fun Field Day at Home thanks to these simple yet creative activities for school aged kids.

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Why Have a Field Day at Home?

Because it is something that kids always look forward to at the end of the school year and it is something you can easily put together at home with household items and very little effort. While I have created a comprehensive list of ideas here, you can tweak them to fit your family and also use them to inspire you to think outside the box.

What is a Field Day?

Traditionally a field day is set up outside and consists of groups of kids who transition through activity stations. Tug-of-war and potato sack races are classics, but you don’t need to have other kids involved if you are having a Field Dat at Home. All you need is some hands-on activities that challenge kids to try their best and have a great time doing it.

Field Day at Home Activity Ideas

Hockey Shot

Materials: Hockey stick, puck, and net (check out this complete hockey set)

Give your child the opportunity to score the WINNING penalty shot through this fun hockey shot set up. Award points for style and creativity, as well as when the puck makes it into the net.

Beat The Clock Dribble Competition

Materials: Stop watch, basketball

Count how many times your child can dribble a basketball in one minute. Go a few rounds, trying to beat the best score!

Recycling Towers

Materials: Any type of recyclable materials you have at home, including emtpy paper towell rolls, empty tissue boxes, delivery boxes, etc.

Place a pile of recyclables in a pile, set the clock for five minutes, and challenge your child to build the tallest/strongest/most creative tower possible.

Frisbee Throw

Materials: Paper plate and coloring supplies

Have your child decorate a paper plate (the heavier the better since it will fly better) with crayons, markers, etc. Once decorated, it is time to let the “frisbee” fly! Measure out how long it can go or award points for hitting a special mark (like landing inside a laundry basket).

Cup Stacking Race

Materials: At least six plastic/paper cups

Either race the clock or race one another to stack six cups into a pyramid, clap your hands, and then unstack the cups and clap again. It is especially fun if you make a time lapse photo to see how crazy fast you can build cup pyramids!

Paper Towel Bowling

Materials: Ball, either full or empty paper towel holders

Find a long, flat space and use it for a makeshift bowling lane. Line up either full or empty paper towels as “pins” and roll a ball down to knock them over. Keep score like you would when you are at your local bowling alley.

Water Balloon Toss

Materials: Water Balloons—and a tolerance for wet messes!

Take one step back for every successful toss of the water balloon from one person to another. Stock up on bunch o’ balloons to make it even more fun!

Bike Obstacle Course

Materials: Bike, bike helmet , activity cones, sidewalk chalk

Set up a bike obstacle course full of twists and turns whether on your driveway, at a local park, or in an empty parking lot. No bike? Try making a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course instead!

Field Day at Home Toy Ideas

Rather stock up on fun outdoor toys so you can keep the Field Day fun going all summer long? Then check out these cool and unique options for backyard play:

Body Bumper Balls

Wooden Ring Toss

Bocce Ball Set

Yard Dice

Giant Jenga

Playground Kickball

Ladder Ball Set

Football Toss Challenge

Spike Ball Set

Cornhole Set

For more summer fun during quarantine, check out this growing “Camp Covid” list.

Happy Playing!


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      The best part is that you can either use household items like cups or invest in some fun items like bumper balls or other outdoor games!

    • Amanda says

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