How to Create a Succulent Pumpkin

One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling Instagram and checking out all of the DIY projects my favorite bloggers are showcasing on their feed. One day I came across a succulent pumpkin and I just about fell off my chair. I of course gave it a double tap and added it to my “saved” folder,  but I knew that I probably wouldn’t get around to making one, especially with all of the pressure I have with remote learning. But then my favorite DIYer, Angela Rose, posted something with her tag line—“Let’s stop pinning and START DOING” and that’s just what I did. I took advantage of the amazing indoor plant sales at my favorite nursery, Pasquesi Home and Gardens, and made my own pumpkin succulent in under 15 minutes. IT WAS THAT EASY. So be basic like me and read these tips on How to Create A Succulent Pumpkin. You won’t regret it.

How to Create a Succulent Pumpkin In Under 15 Minutes

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Pumpkins with a flat bottom (any size you prefer). It doesn’t matter if they have a stem or not, it is all based on preference.

Wide array of succulents (1-2 for mini-pumpkins, 4-5 for pie sized pumpkins, 10-15 for large pumpkins

Glue gun

Medium or Large size bag of any style moss (I used Spanish moss for my project)

How to Create a Succulent Pumpkin - Centerpiece


Before you do any type of work to your pumpkin, you want to wipe it down to remove dirt and find the “good side” to serve as the front of your succulent pumpkin. Wipe it completely dry before adding any materials to the pumpkin.

Next, take your succulents out of their containers and shake them loose from the dirt, being careful to keep their roots intact. Some bunches of succulents might dissolve into two pieces—that’s completely fine. Once clear of dirt, arrange the succulents on your work surface in groups by type, size, and color. This prep work will help when designing your succulent pumpkin.

Ensure that your glue gun is in working order and has refill cartridges ready. You want to adhere your succulents to the pumpkin as delicately as possible so using the glue when it is hot and fresh is the best strategy.

How to Create a Succulent Pumpkin - Size Inspiration

While the glue gun is heating up, make a plan of how you will be arranging the succulents on the pumpkin. It is easiest to start with the largest succulent and build from there. You also want to bunch together the longer, more string-like succulents so that they make more of an impact when adhered to the pumpkin in a bunch.


Add glue to the center portion of your pumpkin and then immediately cover with a handful of moss. You don’t want the moss to completely cover the top—about half or two thirds of the top surface will do. Don’t stress if the moss is longer on one side than on the other. A succulent pumpkin is intended to look organic so you don’t have to follow a rigid design.

Next, choose the biggest succulent and adhere it to the pumpkin by pressing the largest stem into the hot glue. Apply gentle yet firm pressure. Then add other medium sized succulents, slowly filling in the top of the succulent pumpkin. Don’t forget to mix colors, sizes, and textures for a more impressive arrangement.

Once you have glued on every succulent you want to use, add moss to any places that need to be filled in. Remember, it does not have to be precise.

How to Create a Succulent Pumpkin - Fall DIY Project

And that’s it! Since this is a no-carve form of pumpkin decorating it will last much longer than carved options and you can use some of these hacks to keep squirrels away from your pumpkins.

Prefer faux pumpkins? No problem! Target has great carve-able options (white and orange) and you can find many gorgeous faux succulents stems (green, burgundy, as well different shapes and textures). And if you simply don’t have the time or energy, you can pick up one of these pre-made indoor succulent pumpkins like this bonsai version or this rustic arrangement.

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Happy Planting!


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    • Amanda says

      They were SO easy and came out just as I had hoped. I honestly don’t really like carving pumpkins so it will be succulent pumpkins from here on out!

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