Holiday Gift Wrap Hacks

Now that you have tracked down the perfect gift for each and every person on your list (or just randomly picked something at Target because your patience is just about gone), it’s time for my FAVORITE part: gift wrapping! I’m not sure if it is because I am a Virgo who loves things to be neat and orderly or because I know it’s the perfect excuse as to why I can spend one night all to myself in my room, enjoying a glass of champagne and Hallmark movies while wrapping ALL THE THINGS. I especially love how the presents under our tree become part of our holiday décor, so I get creative with my gift wrapping. Looking for something fun other than shiny paper and plastic bows? Then check out my holiday gift wrap hacks.

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Santa Rules 

First things first, let’s talk about one of the TRICKIEST elements of Christmas gift wrapping—Santa’s gifts. If you are like me and want to keep the magic of Santa alive for as long as possible, you need to be vigilant about keeping Santa’s gift wrapping different than the rest of the gifts under the tree. 

My tried and true tip? Wrap everything from Santa in paper with a Santa face on it—and have that be the ONLY Santa paper you use. Angels, Christmas Trees, Plaid and other fun designs are fair game but Santa paper is from Santa. PERIOD.

Want to avoid writing ANYTHING on Santa’s gifts yet nervous of mixing up the gifts? Then meet my FAVORITE holiday gift wrap inspiration: The Personalized Santa Sack. As long as you order early enough for Christmas delivery, this massive sack is PERFECT for organizing and presenting gifts on Christmas morning. And once your kids are old enough to learn the story of Santa, it makes a great keepsake.

Lastly, dispose of all of your Santa paper wrappings DISCREETLY while you are wrapping up a frenzy. Honestly this is one of the most important gift wrap hacks I want to share with you because kids who are on the cusp of not believing will TOTALLY call you out if they see scraps in the garbage can before Christmas rolls around.

Think Outside the Bow

We are making a very conscious effort to have a more minimal approach to holiday gifting, and I’m sure I will hear it from my boys that there isn’t much under the tree this year. But I sure will WOW them with my gift wrapping. Why do I go through the trouble? Because it shows that I put thought into not just the gift, but also the wrapping. I mean, wouldn’t you feel special with one of these wooden vintage Christmas gift tags on your present?

For my boys, I top their gifts with ornaments and other fun toppers that showcase their personality (acorns for my nature lover and string patterns for my guy who has become OBSESSED with string art). It’s just a simple little way to add a little extra love into my gift giving.

Some fun gift topper ideas? Cookie cutters, ornaments, hair ties, photos of your kids, sprigs from the tree, acorns, bells…the options are endless! As someone who hopes that plane tickets are under the tree this year, these London themed gift tags would be PERFECT for me!

Stick with a Color Scheme

Since I try to get ALL of my Christmas and Hannukah shopping done on Cyber Monday, most of our gifts arrive early and hang under the tree for at least a week or two. So I stick with a color scheme that coordinates with our Christmas décor to really pull the room together. I mean, just look at this gorgeous Nordic themed wrap and this set of foil holiday wrapping paper–it’s the perfect compliment to my living room!

I especially love using craft paper because it is eco friendly, affordable, and because it can be used to enhance any color scheme you choose. This year I was gifted a cozy red and black buffalo plaid blanket and that served as our holiday gift wrap inspiration. Even if most of the brown paper was the same, I varied it by using different ribbons like these.

Sprinkle in the Sparkles

I see you eyeing that sparkly wrapping paper in the store. DON’T DO IT. Why? Because you will have glitter (in addition to the pine needles that have already taken over your home) for MONTHS. Seriously. Instead, select gift toppers or gift wrap with very MINIMAL glitter on it so you can still have a bit of holiday sparkle.

Save for Next Year

I have trained my boys (even the 39 year-old-one) to put aside special adornments like cookie cutters and ribbons while they are unwrapping gifts so I can save them for next year. Not only do I save SO MUCH MONEY but I also am keeping the Earth a little bit greener while warming my heart. 

I lost two of my favorite people in the world, my Dad and Nana, years ago and the holidays always make me miss them more than usual. But what warms my heart is that I still have gift tags saved with their writing on it from Christmases over a decade ago. Just seeing their handwriting makes me feel like they are right there with me, telling me I spent too much on gifts.

Gift Wrap Inspiration

Gift Wrap Buying Tips

  • The thicker the paper the better—kids can’t see through it and you won’t rip it while wrapping!
  • Try to get the paper with the grid on the back—it makes cutting a breeze! Bonus points if it is REVERSIBLE paper.
  • Don’t want to mess around with name tags? Wrap in one different paper for each person.
  • Target and World Market are my go-to’s for festive and cute gift wrap.
  • Going with a bag? Make sure you snag an extra festive one!

Still need some help with gifts? Then check out my thoughtfully curated list.

Happy Wrapping!


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