Fun Ways to Give a Gift Card

It’s that time of year when those Pinterest perfect moms make the rest of us feel like crap since we are overwhelmed by the chaos that is May and the last thing on our minds is creating an adorable, Instagram-worthy teacher gift. But have no fear, you have a former teacher here who wants to remind you that any type of gift is much appreciated.

So don’t feel guilty about picking up a gift card or two and use these fun ways to give gift cards to the teachers in your family’s life. I guarantee your finished products will make you look like you have your sh*t together, even if you don’t.

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Gift Card Garden

I especially love this idea if you want to do a class gift but no one really wants to spend the time and energy organizing something (I mean, why is it so darn hard to track people down for a few bucks?!?!). It’s super simple: Simply buy a bouquet of flowers, put them in a vase, and then add gift cards throughout to make a gift card garden. This is an especially great gift idea because people can contribute their own amounts and choose their own retailers yet all the gift cards are combined into one beautiful gift.

A Day at the Movies

I have always loved gifting this to the kids in my life, but after a never ending school year teachers need a break from reality and some buttery popcorn if you ask me. On your next Target run, grab one of the many popcorn bins you can find in the Dollar Spot, fill it with treats you like to smuggle into the movies (sorry not worry) and tape a movie theatre gift card to the front. Ta da!

Drink Up & Go

This gift idea is particularly great for crossing guards and other non-classroom teachers and school personnel who still deserve a little love at the end of the school year. Grab any kind of tumbler and attach a Starbucks gift card to it. That’s it! Because c’mon, who can resist a cold, caffeinated drink to celebrate the end of the school year? Well, at least until happy hour rolls around…

So there you have it. Three simple and fun ways to give a gift card. Teachers work their butts off all year and don’t get much recognition for it, so please do what you can to show your thanks. Even if a gift card isn’t in your budget, a hand written note is such a cherished gift. Almost eight years since I left the classroom I still have all of the notes and cards my students and their families gave me throughout my career in education. Your kind words mean so much.

Thank you, teachers!


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  1. Karin says

    These are amazing ideas! I love giving and receiving gift cards but I always feel like they lack personality! You’ve given me some great ideas!

    • Amanda says

      I love doing flowers as a group gift because then people can pick whatever amount they want to contribute and pick whichever business they want to support.

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