Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro Chicago

I LOVE my house. Really, I do. I still can’t believe that we are lucky enough to live in it. But here’s the thing—we have been home A LOT lately. Just about every meal, school lesson, work meeting, and weekend has been spent at home and we needed a way to take a break (safely) and enjoy a change of scenery. We searched high and low for a place with rigorous social distancing protocols that could still provide a fun and relaxing stay for our family and found it at the Hotel Allegro Chicago. The new Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro is the perfect way for your family to reconnect, unplug, and play together.

Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro - Billiards

My family received a complimentary stay at Hotel Allegro Chicago. All opinions are my own.

Kimpton Quality

One of the main reasons why I knew the Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro would be a great place for our family’s staycation is because of their award-winning brand of unique, stylish, and spirited hotels. The Hotel Allegro Chicago might be known as a go-to for weddings and lavish celebrations, but I’m here to tell you that this gorgeous, 1920s Glamor and Art Deco-themed hotel is also perfect for family fun. Their commitment to cleanliness was what really won us over, which we were pleased with when we stayed at a different boutique Kimpton hotel.

Family Escape Package

The Hotel Allegro Chicago has many different ongoing promotions for any and all types of travelers, but for this article, I’m talking to parents who have run out of ideas for keeping kids off screens and from climbing the walls. The Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro is just as it says—an escape from the everyday for your family. And if now isn’t the perfect time to escape the troubles going on in the world, I don’t know what is!

Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro - Juice and Candy Bar

The Family Escape Package includes:

  • Private movie-theatre experience
  • Juice and candy bar
  • Variety of games including life-size Jenga
  • Parking discount for one vehicle

Family Escape Package Review

Upon arriving at the Hotel Allegro, every single staff member was so incredibly helpful in making our experience in public areas as quick and safe as possible. After checking in safely behind glass partitions, we were whisked away to the best room in the entire hotel that was bursting at the seams with family-focused fun.

As you can tell from the photos, the Family Escape Package is a premiere package that will appeal to guests of all ages. My little candy lovers’ eyes almost popped out of their heads when they saw all of the sweet and savory treats waiting for them and I was thrilled that there was SO MUCH ROOM to spread out and even read a magazine with a glass of wine if I wanted to.

Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro - Family Game Night

The main room had ample couches, chairs, and tables for playing or lounging and it was connected to smaller rooms with incredibly comfortable and spacious bedrooms. I was so thrilled that I wouldn’t have to hear my youngest snoring all night but unfortunately his brother wasn’t so lucky. Thankfully a long soak in the jetted bath tub made him forget about his loud sleeping neighbor.

The biggest attraction in the room was obviously the billiards table but a close second was the life-size Jenga that my boys played with in a variety of ways. The suite was also filled with lots of different family board games, from Twister to Monopoly to my personal favorite, Clue, and a few new options that my boys are now asking to add to our family’s board game library.

As for the private movie theatre, the main room had a television set up with free Netflix and streaming services so that you could have your own personal movie theatre watching anything you wanted. This was so smart on Kimpton’s part because kids can be SO picky about which movies they want to watch…and parents love having classic and new titles to check out once the kids fall asleep! With the adorable popcorn bowls and microwave popcorn available, it was the perfect way to wind down after a day of play.

Family Escape Package at Hotel Allegro - Suite

Due to Covid precautions there are not any restaurants or dining options available, you can text the hotel concierge to receive detailed recommendations (sealed drinks and snacks were available for purchase at the front desk). We ordered dinner from Bar Sienna and donuts from Firecakes, which were not only delicious meals but also great ways to support our city’s food scene.

The only downside of our staycation was that time seemed to fly by and was over before we knew it, so I guess that just means that we need to make future plans to book the Family Escape Package from Hotel Allegro. It would be especially great to stay there while making NEW holiday traditions this year. The hotel is pet-friendly so the entire family can come!

Enjoy your stay!


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  1. Tami says

    We are due for another family getaway. Knowing that we can bring along our dog, Gambit, moves this hotel choice of the top of the list.

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