Eat the Rainbow Fruit Platter

If you have been following my blog or Instagram page for a while, you know that I LOVE making holiday charcuterie boards. Halloween, Christmas, I go ALL OUT when it comes to snack boards for each and every holiday. But instead of creating a sugar-filled St. Patrick’s Day charcuterie board (I’m sure I will next year, though!), I instead crafted a beautiful and healthy board to share with your little leprechauns every day of the year (especially after school when they are ravenous). Here’s why you should try your hand at an Eat the Rainbow Fruit Platter.

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Makes Eating Healthy Fun

We eat with our eyes first, right? So instead of putting a bunch of grapes or a few sliced strawberries in a bowl, I challenge you to create an Eat the Rainbow Fruit Platter. It can be whatever size you prefer (salad plates are the perfect size for an individual platter or you can feed a crowd with a large, color-filled serving dish) and it such a beautiful way to showcase fruit as vibrant, inviting, and delicious!

Clever Way to Introduce New Foods

As I have shared on my Instagram stories, my boys expect a pretty upscale snack platter every day after school (I blame myself for introducing them to the delicious mix of fruit, cheese, nuts, and cured meat!) and I’m convinced that these Instagram-worthy spreads are part of what has made them more open to trying new and different food.

Picky eater? Then play a game with your rainbow fruit platter. Challenge your itty bitty foodie to try one food from each color (mango is a great option to try, or a blood orange instead of a regular old navel orange) to broaden their palette in a fun, colorful way.

Show Off Your Family’s Creativity

Now that my boys are older (and slightly obsessed with the Food Network), they LOVE helping me create Eat the Rainbow Fruit Platter. It all starts when we are at the store and we investigate different fruits that we have never tried before (we have banned papayas from our house because we think they are stinky) and add them to our snack platter. Some choices are hits (kumquats) and some like the papaya are misses, but it is always a fun thing to discover together.

A Beautiful Alternatives to Sweets

So many sweet charcuterie boards have chocolate and caramel (which are two of my absolute FAVORITE things) and are absolutely STUNNING, but don’t overlook fruit platters. Check out YouTube for creative ways to slice strawberries, make bowls out of melons, etc. and I guarantee that your fruit filled platter will be just as popular as a chocolate filled one.

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Bon Appetite!


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  1. Monica Simpson says

    I always seem to enjoy my food more when there are a lot of colors on my plate. These fruits are so pretty!

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