Easy Leprechaun Tricks

I’m not sure who started the Leprechaun craze, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same person who came up with the Elf on the Shelf. Basically, this person just wanted to come up with more ways to torture parents and add to our ever growing “to do” list. But since I want to be a good sport and play one with the other Pinterest perfect parents out there, I have come up with 4 Easy Leprechaun Tricks to make St. Patrick’s Day a little bit more festive in your house without stressing you out.

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Rainbow Fruit Tray 

All of us parents try to have our kids eat as healthy as possible, so instead of shelling out sugar filled Lucky Charms on St. Patrick’s day, set up a rainbow fruit tray. It’s super simple, super healthy, and a guilt free way to celebrate. Here are some tips on how to create your own “Eat the Rainbow” Platter.

Have an ALL GREEN Day

My old Irish Grandmother always told me that if you didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you would get pinched. So take my late grandmother’s advice to an entirely new level and have a “Green Day.” I mean, you can even play Green Day’s classics if you want to. Green clothes, green food, green crafts…you name it! Primary has the BEST, high quality green clothes I have come across while on a hunt for my little leprechauns.

Don’t have a ton of green in your closet? No worries! Just head to Target and stock up on all the silly St. Patrick’s Day glasses, hats and more to get into the festive Irish spirit.

Go on a Leprechaun Hunt

This activity is SUPER simple and can even get our kids into the habit of cleaning up (or get them revved up for an Easter egg hunt). Simply hide shamrocks and gold coins all over the house for your kids to collect. The Dollar Store and Target have great pre-made decorations for this (and you can even include some chocolate coins in the Leprechaun loot).

Play Leprechaun Tricks

And by “Leprechaun Tricks,” I mean get some green food coloring and wreak havoc with it. Put a few drops in the toilet water, add some to their juice in the morning…the options are endless! And I mean, it looks like you put some REAL thought into these tricks when we really know it only took about five minutes max.

And don’t forget to try out these fun St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments!

Happy St. Patty’s!


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    • Amanda says

      Just remember that the Leprechaun is supposed to be a surprise so share it with the adults instead of the kiddos!

  1. Becca Wilson says

    These are so very cute to celebrate the St Patricks day holiday. I am definitely going to be doing some of these!

    • Amanda says

      I just love that I can do them five minutes before I go to bed. I don’t have time for anything more complicated!

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