Easy DIY Crayon Recipe

I live in a house full of artists with boys who have been known to draw on walls and hang onto hundreds of toilet paper rolls for future art projects. So to say that we fly through art supplies in our house is an UNDER STATEMENT, especially during quarantine. But instead of buying more and more supplies, I realized that we could upcycle broken crayons and use them all over again thanks to this Easy DIY Crayon Recipe.

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While this Easy DIY Crayon Recipe is an art project intended for kids to complete, it also requires adult supervision because of the materials (sharp scissors and hot ovens) to prepare and melt down the crayons.


Broken Crayons


Silicone Molds

Baking Sheet


For this Easy DIY Crayon Recipe, the size of your crayons and the time they spend melting in the oven all depends on the silicone mold you use. For example, if you use large silicone cupcake molds or spheres, your crayon pieces can be larger and will take longer to bake. If you choose a small silicone molds, such as decorative leaves, Star Wars characters or ocean creatures, you need to make sure that your crayon pieces are small and your baking time is limited.


Step One

Take wrappers COMPLETELY off crayons, using scissor blades to scrape the papers off if necessary (adults only!).

Step Two

If you want to create crayons that are swirls of rainbow colors, there is no need to sort the crayon pieces by color. However, if you prefer to have crayons that are solely shades of green or pink, for example, you should sort crayon colors at this step.

Step Three

Preheat oven to 150 degrees. Cut crayons down to uniform sizes, 1/4 inch pieces for small molds and up to 1/2 inch length pieces for larger silicone molds. Place the crayons into the molds based on color or in detailed designs if you prefer. There is no right way to sort them into the mold so let your child’s creativity shine.

Step Four

Bake for 10-15 minutes for small molds and up to 25 minutes for large molds. Check on the status of the melting crayons every five minutes or so, taking the crayons out of the oven once completely melted (do not touch the crayon wax–it will be EXTREMELY HOT!).

Step Five

Let crayons cool completely and then pop the crayons out of the silicone mold. Gift the crayons to friends and family or keep them for yourself and keep on creating!

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Happy Creating!


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  1. Kelsie Rudnick says

    Finally! A way to repurpose all the crayons my son has broken into a million pieces. And I even have everything to do this!

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