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Books can change the world. They can teach, inspire, and inform in ways that nothing else can. Movies may try—podcasts, too—but there is nothing more impactful than when a reader COMPLETELY invests in a book and is changed by its story. Even the littlest readers can be inspired by them, too. So I have compiled a list of beautifully written, motivational Earth Day Books that celebrate all things nature related and will help raise a new generation of environmentally conscious kids. And if you head over to my Instagram account, you can enter my Earth Day Book Giveaway for a chance to add these eco-friendly titles to your family’s bookshelf.

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“We Are Water Protectors”

This beautifully illustrated, powerful Earth Day book documents the way Native Nations work together to preserve and protect water sources, as well as speak up for all the voices that cannot speak for themselves.

“Bear’s Garden”

This whimsical yet true story shares the history of the Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden. Through its creation, the community comes together to launch an everlasting beautification project that most importantly encourages growth and imagination.

“Natural World Board Books”

This series of books will not only delight the youngest of readers with rhythmic words and whimsical illustrations but it will also help them to learn that they are connected to the world around them on both a big and small level.

“The Earth Gives More”

The message of loving, respecting, and protecting Mother Earth is highlighted through this relatable picture book. Young readers will undoubtedly connect with all of the fun that Mother Earth’s seasons bring.

“Solar Story” 

This informative book, filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations, tells the story of the largest concentrated solar plant in the world and explains its importance and effects through the everyday life of a schoolgirl who lives in a small community next to the plant.

“The Lorax”

A Dr. Seuss staple, this classic story encourages readers to conserve the Earth’s precious and finite natural resources. The story is whimsical yet powerful and will ALWAYS be timely, for our world’s natural resources are unfortunately always at risk.

“Stella Diaz Never Gives Up”

Stella is an inspirational role model, for she never gives up on her goal of saving the sea and its life forms from pollution. Her story shows how teamwork and perseverance can make even the loftiest goals attainable.

“Plastic Sucks”

Perfect for the middle school crowd, this book champions the mission to cut out single-use plastic. This handbook doesn’t just focus on what has gone wrong with our environment. Instead, it is a guide on how to change the world for the better.

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