Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi’s

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE color. When leaves turn, making trees look like they are on fire against a clear blue sky is one of the best color combinations imaginable. So this week I went to my favorite nursery, Pasquesi Home and Gardens, to find gorgeous flowers that will not only add pops of color to my Fall garden, but also be able to withstand Chicago’s unpredictable Fall weather. Not only did I find tons of great options to choose from, but I also took advantage of their great sales so I have enough left in my Fall budget to stock up on my favorite Halloween candy (for my personal stash, of course). Now roll up your sleeves and check out these tips for Creating a Colorful Fall Garden.

Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi's - Sales

This post is sponsored by Pasquesi Home and Gardens. All opinions are my own.

Mix the Best of Both Seasons

As I have shared on my Instagram account throughout the summer, my plants absolutely THRIVED this season. It didn’t hurt that I was home ALL THE TIME and never missed a watering or that the summer was hot and sunny, but I really think the reason why summer garden did so well was because of the high quality plants I used. The experts at Pasquesi’s helped me choose the mix of best sun and shade plants for my containers and it made such a stunning impact the past few months.

Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi's - Window Box

While some of the summer blooms have faded. About 80% are still going strong. So instead of ripping them out while they are still thriving to make room for autumnal varieties, the Pasquesi team helped me learn which plans to thin out, which plants to keep around until frost hits, and which Fall varieties to introduce to my container of multi-seasonal blooms to meet my goal of creating a colorful Fall garden (you can also do some research through their online plant finder).

Play with Pansies

Bright flowers that are excellent in beds, pots, or window boxes, pansies can provide an impactful pop of color, especially when grouped together. They withstand cold well and come in a wide variety of colors, whether you are looking for bright yellows or dark blues. Right now Pasquesi Home and Gardens is offering 3.5 inch pots for $1.99 each, which is a phenomenal deal for these colorful blooms.

Rely on Mums

Mums are the quintessential Fall flower and there is no wonder why. Mums are gorgeous whether in full bloom or just recently budded, they can withstand even snowy days (remember Halloween last year?!?!), and they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Pasquesi’s has aisles and aisles of mums to suit any need, whether you are looking for a hanging mum plant, a mum in a rustic basket, small mums as accent pieces, or a tricolor mum to plant in your garden. Just be sure to measure the width of your container beforehand so you get the correct size for healthy plant growth.

Create Color Blocks

Just like fashion magazines and home décor shows will tell you, color blocking is HUGE right now and a great strategy to use when creating a colorful Fall garden. Think about what autumnal color speaks to you and then find pansies, mums, and other ornamental plants to make your vision come alive.

Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi's - Front Porch

I was looking to decorate my porch in jewel tones this year to compliment the black and white Halloween décor I will be putting up soon, so I sought out deep blues, dark reds, and shades of purple when creating my colorful Fall garden. Keeping within the same tight color palette gives flowers a more uniform and cohesive look. I mean, isn’t the combination of “Mixed Berry Tart” and “Delta Premium Deep Blue” absolutely stunning?!?!

Add Texture

Colors are essential when creating a colorful Fall garden, but don’t overlook textural elements, either. Leafy greens can add so much to your display, whether their leaves are soft, shiny, or bumpy. Cabbage is fantastic as a textural element for containers because there are so many great varieties. Pigeon Red Flowering Cabbage, my favorite, even turns a purplish hue as the weather gets cooler.

Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi's - Textured Basket

Another simple way I add texture? By being mindful with the containers I use for my plants. This year I am using an array of galvanized buckets and pots, which gives uniformity and uniqueness to my display all at once. I even used rectangular containers to combine mums with textural accents like mini white pumpkins and dinosaur kale, which made for a stunning, textural display.

I highly recommend that you stop at Pasquesi Home and Gardens to take advantage of their high quality products, knowledgeable staff (read their expert gardening tips on the Pasquesi Blog), and great Fall sales. Right now all indoor green and flowering plans are 20% off, which is a great way to bring the outdoors is now that the weather is getting cooler.

I also scooped up a dozen succulents and some pumpkins for an upcoming craft I’m really excited about—a succulent pumpkin. Stay tuned as I share my Fall creation featuring Pasquesi finds next week! For more of my favorite Fall crafts, activities and decor, check out this growing list.

Creating a Colorful Fall Garden with Pasquesi's

Happy Gardening!


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  1. Deb B. says

    I am in love with all your plants. Probably one of the good things that came from being home all these months is that we can take such wonderful care of our plants and homes. Love the colors of fall too!

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